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It has long been a desire of mine to translate into English a lot of the Japanese articles that have been written in magazines, etc. concerning games for the Virtual Boy that ended up never getting commercially released, since this is about the only access that we have to such games, unless their prototype cartridges happen to surface in the future and fall into the hands of one or ones who desire to dump the ROMs and release the games online for all to play. It looks like I will now have time in my life to work on such, and I hope to release all of my English translations on this thread. Now, it is important for the reader to understand that I myself do not know or speak Japanese, so I rely on the use of translation software programs such as Google Translate, SDL Free Translation, and BabelFish, as well as online Japanese-to-English dictionaries, such as Denshi Jisho – Online Japanese Dictionary. I do strongly believe that these programs allow me to create rather accurate English translations of Japanese text; nevertheless, there may still be errors on account of my lack of understanding of the Japanese language. As for the titles of certain Japanese games that never got released, I don’t know if there is any way to know what the “official” English titles would have been if they had ever gotten released in English. Nevertheless, I shall try my best to come up with what would have most likely been the English titles for these games, if they had gotten localized in North America. With that being said, the first article that I’ve translated into English appeared in the 367th issue of Famitsu Magazine, dated December 29, 1995, on page 243, and it was a write up for the unreleased game, whose title I have translated into English as “Doraemon and Nobita’s Heart-Pounding Ghostland.”

Translations for Doraemon and Nobita’s Heart-Pounding Ghostland:


ドラえもん のび太のドキドキ!おばけランド
Doraemon and Nobita’s Heart-Pounding Ghostland



Epoch Company

Expected Release: 1996

5,500 Yen

8 Megabits

Doraemon, Nobita, and friends bustle about in a three-dimensional amusement park that takes full advantage of the Virtual Boy’s capabilities. Rush around unique stages, with roller coasters, bungee jumping, and more! Search for hidden, secret tools to rescue your buddies who have been kidnapped by ghosts!

The Amusement Park at Night is a Ghostland!

There are five different characters to choose from. Each one has its own characteristic attack, so it’s good to change characters for each stage.

Ride a roller coaster and try to get rid of the ghosts!

© Fujiko, Shogakukan Inc., TV Asahi Corp.

*The game’s screens are currently under development.

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And now, for the perhaps most coveted of all the unreleased Virtual Boy games. If ever there was a game that needed to be brought into the 3rd dimension, surely it was this one! 😉

The following Japanese article for the unreleased Virtual Boy game, which is translated into English as “Virtual Double Yakuman,” appeared in the 345th issue of Famitsu Magazine, dated July 28, 1995, on page 116.

Virtual Double Yakuman



Expected Release: August 18th

Price: 5,300 Yen

8 Megabits

The familiar “Double Yakuman” series is also coming to the Virtual Boy. A full-fledged 4-person game of mahjong, with an entire table of 3 people to play against, can be played on a 3D screen with the same perspective as in real mahjong.

The following Japanese article for “Virtual Double Yakuman” appeared in the 346th issue of Famitsu Magazine, dated August 4, 1995, on page 25.

Note: In determining how certain mahjong terms should be written in English, I largely went with the information found on this page:


Virtual Double Yakuman


Release Date TBD

5,300 Yen


8 Megabits

Declare Chi, Pon, Kan, Ron, and Tsumo in a stereoscopic game of Mahjong!

It’s a full-fledged 4-person game of mahjong, played around a stereoscopic mahjong table, which progresses in the same perspective as in real mahjong. As with the real game, being able to read the facial expressions of your opponents is an element of important tactics. In addition, calling to win the hand plays a large role. Plus, there’s the very flashy 3D presentation, which is given to impact the player!

You can also choose a perspective looking down from above. This one still has a sense of realism.

There is no cheating of any kind…. Since that’s the case, this means you must aim for a big hand.

The following Japanese article, once again for “Virtual Double Yakuman,” appeared in the 363rd issue of Famitsu Magazine, dated December 1, 1995, on page 111.


Virtual Double Yakuman

Expected Release: Feb. 1, 1996

Price: 5,300 Yen

Table Game


The Virtual Boy version of the “Double Yakuman” series. The people and tiles are stereoscopically rendered, and one can taste the feeling of being in a mahjong parlor.

The following Japanese article for the unreleased Virtual Boy game, which is translated into English as “Virtual Bomberman” and whose name sometimes erroneously gets assigned to the released game “Panic Bomber,” appeared in the 349th issue of Famitsu Magazine, dated August 18/25, 1995, on page 205.

Virtual Boy

Virtual Bomberman




Release Date TBD

Price TBD

Capacity TBD

『ボンバーマン』シリーズ最新作がバーチャルボーイに登場。今回のは、ボンバーマンが乗ることで特殊能力を発揮する新しい乗り物が5種類も用意されているのだ。また、新アイテムも多数登場するのでいままで以上にハマること確実! バトルを存分に楽しもう。
The latest “Bomberman” game in the series is making its appearance on the Virtual Boy. This time, there are 5 new means of transportation for Bomberman to ride, which have different special abilities. Moreover, since also many new items appear, it’s sure to be more addictive than ever before! Enjoy the battle to your heart’s content!


This time, even the low-ranking characters are difficult! Contend for victory using the new items!

The palm tree, the bridge hanging over the river, and the explosions, for example, appear to pop out!


*The game’s screens are currently under development.

The following Japanese article for “Virtual Bomberman” appeared in the 363rd issue of Famitsu Magazine, dated December 1, 1995, on page 111.


Virtual Bomberman

Release Date TBD

Price TBD



The action game masterpiece, “Bomberman,” is finally making its appearance on the Virtual Boy. The bomb blasts that pop out are truly impactful!


Whoa! Had no idea that a proper Bomber Man game was coming to Virtual Boy. Ah, I hope it leaks one day haha.

Thanks a lot, extremly interesting to learn more about those unreleased titles.

English Translations for Virtual Bomberman Flyer


A new encounter…

A shadowy form suddenly
emerges from the darkness.

This friend, or foe,
who looks seemingly sad,
what does he want to tell you?…

Expected Release: February 29, 1996
Suggested Retail Price: 5,800 Yen (Excluding Tax)


This purple shadowy form, looming in deep black darkness, is he friend or foe? …


It’s been decided to bring the Bomberman series to Virtual Boy!

The intense Bomber Battles will finally make their appearance, packed with new features!

●Your trustworthy character even more enhanced!
●One-on-one battles with God Bomber!
●Detailed characters that look three-dimensional!
●A new mode, “Challenge Mode”!?

Bomberman is supported in each stage by 1 of 5 characters

Following the system of help characters that was in the previous game (the Louies in Bomberman 3), this time 5 help characters in total (3 biological ones + 2 armors) will come into play, one character at a time in each stage. In particular, making use of the Virtual Boy’s original dual control pads as well as testing the usability of the armor system will contribute to the pursuit of the game. Also, certain impactful things that make use of the 3-D parallax are already finished, even the special attacks of each character!

Who is this God Bomber who has suddenly appeared?!


After saving Bomber Nebula in the previous game, Bomberman wants to take a brief rest. However, his wish is in vain, for the mysterious warrior, God Bomber, now suddenly appears! Is he friend or foe? God Bomber, accompanied by the ultimate machine-beast god, challenges Bomberman to a fight, but he does so with eyes that are so deeply sad, and it is not clear as to why. And now, even though several mysteries remain to be solved, the start of a battle has begun once again!

Have a one-on-one battle with God Bomber in every stage!!

This time, the battles have adopted a system different from the previous games. The system is: At the end of every stage, it is possible to play against God Bomber, a boss character.
In other words, the normal game and the battle game have become a combined system. It’s said you can go to the battle screen when you enter a certain spot that appears within the stage. This battle area is set up as a “hidden stage,” so to speak, but where or when its entrance appears is still a secret. If you see a suspicious location, be sure to check it out!

You’ll be amazed by the 3-D effect unique to the Virtual Boy!

“Virtual Bomberman” takes full advantage of the Virtual Boy’s characteristics (it produces a 3-D effect using parallax), so that you can have a stereoscopic view of each character moving around on the screen as well as the stages and backgrounds. For the game of “Bomberman,” this allows us to pursue creating immersive stage components, like traps that move up and down and falling objects, as well as stages with unevenness, such as the bottom of a valley and a two-story structure. In addition, a notable point this time is that the number of variations of the hero Bomberman’s facial expressions and actions has increased to over a dozen. The Bomberman on the screen won’t just move around but will come to be a more familiar presence to the user by jumping up and down, showing surprise and joy, etc.

What is your Bomber Level? Let’s try the Challenge Mode!

The mode making its first appearance in the Bomberman series is the “Challenge Mode.” This mode certifies the level of the player by bonuses, number of enemies, score obtained within the conditions, clearing a particular stage within the limited amount of time, etc. Here, there is a “2-Minute Mode” and a “5-Minute Mode,” and the player’s “Bomber Level” (ranging from “Monkey Bomber” to “God Bomber”) becomes certified by the score obtained and the number of enemies defeated. The Challenge Mode is, quite frankly, clearly addictive!

*All of the game’s screens are currently under development.

バーチャルボーイTM は任天堂の商標です。


Stage 1


Special Abilities

ジャンプ: ブロックをジャンプして飛び越える。
Jump: Makes you jump and leap over blocks.

溜めジャンプ: 真上にジャンプし、着地したときの振動で、画面上の爆弾を爆破したり,敵の動きを止めたりできる。
Charge Jump: Makes you jump straight up and causes a vibration when you land, which blows up the bombs on the screen and which can stop the enemies’ movements.

Stage 2


Special Abilities

ダッシュ: 高速移動できる障害物に当たるまで止まれない。
Dash: Makes you move at high speed, and you cannot stop until you hit an obstacle.

溜めダッシュ: ダッシュより高速に移動し、ソフトブロックを破壊することができる。
Charge Dash: Makes you move faster than the dash and allows you to break soft blocks.

Stage 5

Launcher Armor

Special Abilities

Double Bomb Launch: Simultaneously launches two bombs forward, which explode on impact at the same time.

Charged Double Bomb Launch: Simultaneously launches four bombs forward, which explode on impact at the same time.

Stage 3

Lock-On Armor

Special Abilities
ロックオンボム: カーソルで敵をロックオンし、爆弾を命中、爆破させる。
Lock-On Bomb: Locks onto an enemy with a cursor; then hits the enemy with a bomb that detonates on impact.

Full-Range Lock-On Bomb: The explosion of the bomb that is launched extends to the maximum range.

Stage 4


Special Abilities

Bomb Discharge: Launches the bombs that you currently possess in a fan shape all at once.

Sky-High Bomb Discharge: Launches the bombs that you currently possess into the sky all at once. The bombs that are launched land in a circle around the place where they were discharged and explode on impact.

He’s brightly energetic and has a firm sense of justice, but he’s a sore loser and tends to be reckless. In the previous game, he showed great effort in saving Bomber Nebula from the dark-magic hands of “Professor Bagular.” After this, he was going to take a brief rest, but then suddenly “God Bomber” appeared. And now, while several mysteries remain, the start of a new battle has begun!

[Back Page]

Let’s show you the 3-D world, in which Bomberman plays an active part, a little early!

Virtual Opening Cinema

Bomberman is finally making his appearance on the new hardware, Virtual Boy! Bomber World has seen further expansion in its map setups that now have depth and in its characters that now have three-dimensional appearances, both of which are unique to the Virtual Boy.
Here, let’s introduce the opening demo screen of “Virtual Bomberman.” To learn how to view the screenshots in 3-D, please refer to the illustration at right.

How to View a Stereogram

“Stereogram” is a general term for a flat work that can be viewed stereoscopically. These screenshots can be viewed stereoscopically with the unaided eyes by the following method.

The Parallel Method

Begin to diverge your eyes so that the left image appears to move towards the right image in a parallel manner.
[Translator’s Note: The preceding sentence is the only sentence in all of my translations for this Virtual Bomberman flyer, whose translation comes from more of my best educated guess than a direct translation, since I cannot make out all of the Japanese characters in the given scan, and I’m not sure, therefore, if the Japanese characters I have in digital format are correct]
Once it appears that the two screenshots are overlapping each other, the newly-made screenshot, which one might think should be flat, will look like a stereoscopic screen with depth!

A suspicious shadowy figure draws near to peaceful Earth…

His name is “God Bomber.”

What’s his true identity, friend or foe? …

Also, for what purpose did he come to the Earth?

Our Bomberman takes action!

“Do you want to disturb the peace?…”

“I won’t let anyone do that!”

Here again, the fires of a new battle…

are about to be let loose…

in pursuit of encountering new truth…

●Send your inquiry…

English Translations for Flying Henry Article from Jugemu Magazine.

J-Code: 032085

VB ●アクション
VB – Action

Human Corp.

Expected Release: December, 1995

Expected Price: 5,800 Yen

Flying Henry

Warm yourself up during the cold winter with some heart-warming action!

The Strange Creature, Henry

大きな耳(手?) の不思議な生き物ヘンリーが活躍するアクションゲーム。ヘンリーの自慢は空を飛べること。ダンボのような巨大な耳(手)をパタパタと羽ばたかせて、ゆっくりと宙を舞う。この浮遊感覚が実に楽しい。まるで、宙に浮かぶ風船を自分の意思で動かしているかのようだ。このヘンリーの存在が大きな魅力なのだ。
It’s an action game where Henry, a strange creature with big ears (hands?), plays the active role. The pride of Henry is that he can fly in the sky. He slowly flutters through the air by flapping and fluttering his huge Dumbo-like ears (hands?). This floating sensation is really fun! It’s as though a balloon floating in the air is moving in accordance with the player’s will. This Henry’s presence is a major attraction!

[With Top Screenshot]
The game’s stages contain two fields: a front one and a back one.

Slow and Relaxed

The player’s goal is to clear multiple stages, each of which is comprised of 3 areas. Each of these areas has requirements for clearing it, such as collecting the items and defeating all of the enemies, and the final area has a boss that you have to confront. Thus, the circumstances here are similar to those of typical action games.

What’s interesting, though, is that you don’t feel a brutal sense of tension from the action scenes. You see, you have a dash attack, which uses stored-up power, as well as an attack to the back of the screen, thanks to the unique features of the Virtual Boy, and doing these attacks is somehow heartwarming. At least, the relatively slow pace of the character Henry and of the action might cause you to think so. You might even forget that it’s an action game, since you’ll want to play it slowly.

Development on the game is almost completed. This is the kind of software that will be able to help relieve the cold of winter!

[With Bottom Screenshot]
The game progresses slowly, without the need for quick reflexes.

Development almost complete? What a shame. Another prototype that needs to surface..

Really amazed at what Ben is doing here. A true virtual boy fan.


i agree! this thread is providing a great deal of information. it is wonderful to see that there is still so much information we can add to the site!

I truly do hope that this thread does provide a lot of new, interesting, and accurate information and that it doesn’t simply show how bored I currently am at my workplace each day. 😉

Well I think you succeeded. This thread is very interesting and informative, bringing to light the details of the unreleased games. I’ve learned a ton from this thread, so thank Ben. Even if its out of boredom 🙂

English Translations for Page 26 of the 3D Virtual Boy Magazine:

Putting the Company’s Future into the VB

Small Talk on Development

Development Director: Shigeki Fugiwara

It was already explained during an interview today that, although it is not yet included in “Pop-out! Panic Bomber” or “Vertical Force,” an automatic pause feature must be included in Virtual Boy games to encourage the player to rest his or her eyes at least once every 30 minutes. Conversely, we are developing software by placing focus on the aspect of: To what extent can we make a game interesting, while turning the 30 minutes to our advantage?

With the Virtual Boy, we are trying to take things back to the old days of Hudson, with software that you can play immediately, even without instructions, and that you want to finish, or perhaps I should say “easy-to-play software.”

[With middle photo]
We also asked questions in a previous meeting.

I think that the Virtual Boy is going to be the next-generation machine that a child can buy, so I think that the hardware itself is going to be cheap with tens of thousands of units available. The price is going to be as close as possible to that of the Game Boy. I think that whether or not the Virtual Boy sells well will, therefore, depend on the price and content of the software. Nowadays, it’s said that children are getting away from gaming. Well, we often have opportunities to be in contact with children as we are doing caravans, and after inquiring into the games that are frequently played by lower-aged children, we feel strongly about not doing RPGs with simulation elements or complex games.

From a game-making standpoint, since Virtual Boy games will be stereoscopic, I believe it’s the right time for the natures of the games to change significantly. There can now be game characteristics that cannot be in Super Famicom games. If one wants to use polygons, the Virtual Boy is made for that. But to be honest, when I am drawing something, there are situations where I don’t fully grasp how it will appear three-dimensionally, so when I’m trying to draw something, I review the drawing while looking into the Virtual Boy… to get an impression of it. It’s been an experience for me, and I’ve also discovered a few things, such as when two objects are in the same position, it is better to have the one that is a darker color appear behind the other.

Although there were pros and cons even at the time of the Game Boy, at the same time, there was a lot to be said about it, and I believe that’s why it got all the more attention. Even our company president has said that the Virtual Boy is a business opportunity, and I think that Nintendo is the best of all at being able to make such hardware. As for Hudson, it feels that it is not too much to say that the company’s future is being put into the Virtual Boy.

カラーのスーパーVB…ですか? 技術的には現在でも可能だと思いますけど、コストと色数が多いということで問題があるんじゃないんですかね。でも、可能性はあると思いますよ。
Will there be a Super Virtual Boy with color…? Though I think it’s technically possible even now, there would probably be too many problems with the costs and the number of colors. However, I think there is a possibility.

[With bottom photo]
He explained to us, while gesturing, how the Virtual Boy makes things look three-dimensional.

A Note from Ben:

First of all, I would like to give a special thanks to a certain Michele for bringing this article to my attention.

Since each fiscal year in Japan runs from April 1st of one year to March 31st of the following year and since the Virtual Boy was released in Japan on July 21, 1995 and was later discontinued in both Japan and North America before March 31, 1996, the following chart contains the total number of Virtual Boy shipments ever. Now, “万台” in Japanese represents 10,000 units, so as you are looking at the chart, in order to determine the number of units shipped for each game console as of a particular date, simply add 4 zeros to the first number preceding “万台” for the respective system, in order to determine the total number of units shipped as of the end of March, 1995 (the color of the bar on the chart for the number of units shipped as of this date matches the system’s bar color on the left side of the chart), and add 4 zeros to the second number preceding “万台” for the respective system to determine the total number of units shipped as of the end of March, 1996 (the color of the bar for additional units shipped from April 1, 1995 to March 31, 1996 is always red for each system).

Based on the data, we can see that a grand total of about 140,000 Virtual Boy systems were shipped within Japan, and a grand total of about 630,000 Virtual Boy systems were shipped outside of Japan, as per the data given straight from Nintendo itself. Now, this does not necessarily mean that a total of about 770,000 different Virtual Boy systems were ever made and shipped, for as we have discovered in the forum threads relating to Virtual Boy serial numbers, there were a lot of systems that were originally made to be sold in Japan and that, therefore, originally received Japanese serial numbers, but these systems were later given a North American serial number, which was simply stuck over the original Japanese one, and then shipped outside of Japan. Thus, since I conclude that the data in this chart probably contains a certain number of Virtual Boy units that are counted twice, once for the Japanese section and then again for the foreign countries’ section since they got double-stickered, we would still have to determine just about how many Virtual Boys were given two serial numbers, if we want to get a better approximation for the total number of Virtual Boys ever made and distributed for commercial sale.

Incidentally, it should come as no surprise that the Virtual Boy is not included in the article’s photo of game systems.

English Translations for Page 8 of Famitsu Magazine Issue # 392, dated June 21, 1996:


みんな注目!今週は’96年3月末現在の、各ゲームマシンの累計出荷台数を発表するぞ!! 下のグラフは、各社が公表した数字をまとめたもので、’95年3月末と’96年3月末を比較しているのだ。ただし、ソニー・コンピュータエンタテインメント(SCE)のプレイステーションに関しては、年度末での出荷台数が公表されていないので、これまで発表された数字から割り出した、編集部独自の予測値だ。
Attention everyone! This week, we are announcing the total number of shipments of each game machine, which is current as of the end of March, 1996. The chart below summarizes the numbers issued by each company, and it also compares the figures as of the end of March, 1995 with the figures as of the end of March, 1996. However, with regard to the PlayStation of Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. (SCE), because the number of shipments at the end of the fiscal year has not been released, the number provided below is our editorial department’s own estimate, which was derived from the numbers released so far.

In addition, Sega announced that the total number of shipments of the Saturn topped the milestone of 3 million units as of May 29th of this year.

昨年度、国内でいちばん出荷が多かったのは、 何と言ってもスーパーファミコン。それをサターンとプレイステーションが追いかけている。その後をいくのがゲームボーイだ。7月にはゲームボーイポケットが発売されるから、今年も台数を伸ばすかもね。
Last fiscal year, after all was said and done, the Super Famicom had the most shipments within Japan. The Saturn and the PlayStation are chasing it, and after them comes the Game Boy. Since the Game Boy Pocket will be released in July, it might increase the number this year.

On June 23rd, the Nintendo 64 is going to be released, and the diversification of hardware will progress more and more. Now, just what kind of numbers will come out in the next year?

[With photo of systems]
Domestic and foreign machines are brought together. Are you, by any chance, a person who has collected this many machines?

このグラフは、’95年3月末と’96年3月末の各ハードの累計出荷台数を比較したもの。上段が国内、下段は海外のハード ※ 1 NECホームエレクトロニクスの略。※ 2 ソニー・コンピュータエンタテインメントの略。※ 3 松下電器と三洋電機。※ 4 PCエンジンDuoシリーズを含む。 ※ 5 ‘94年12月末の出荷台数と毎週の生産量から出した予測値。※ 6 ‘95年12月末の出荷台数と今年5月15日現在の出荷台数から出した予測値。※ 7 リアルとトライの合計。 ※ 8 海外版ファミコン。※ 9 海外版スーパーファミコン。 ※ 10 ジェネシスは北米版メガドライブ。※ 11 セガCDは北米版メガ-CD。
This chart compares the total number of units shipped for each hardware as of the end of March, 1995 with the total number as of the end of March, 1996. The upper section shows domestic hardware shipments, and the lower section shows foreign hardware shipments.
*1 – Stands for NEC Home Electronics
*2 – Stands for Sony Computer Entertainment
*3 – Matsushita and Sanyo
*4 – Includes the PC Engine Duo series
*5 – This is an estimate made from the number of units shipped as of the end of December, 1994 and weekly production amounts
*6 – This is an estimate made from the number of units shipped as of the end of December, 1995 and the number of units shipped as of May 15th of this year.
*7 – Equals the sum of R.E.A.L. and TRY units
*8 – Overseas version of the Famicom
*9 – Overseas version of the Super Famicom
*10 – The Genesis is the North American version of the Mega Drive
*11 – The Sega CD is the North American version of the Mega-CD

Ah! It’s great to finally have a source for the shipment numbers.

Also, Flying Henry sounds pretty fun. Interesting to see that it was so far into development.

Thanks again Ben, the boredom of your workplace really is a blessing! 😀

English Translations for Page 31 of the 3D Virtual Boy Magazine:

Aiming at another lift of a classic with the VB!

Small Talk on

Public Relations:
Tanaka Shutsuho

First of all, it’s been decided to publish a new “Tetris” game, that is to say, a game that will appeal to tens of thousands of people, regardless of age or gender. Basically, it will be something that will make use of the original game, in order to respect the joy of simplicity. To make it appropriate for the Virtual Boy, the utmost care has been taken to create a sense of space, which could not be experienced using any hardware until now. The new world of “Tetris” should be able to be felt by the player on account of the variety of presentations and setups within the game.

The content of each game mode and whether or not it will support the link cable have not yet been clearly decided, but it is extensively under development, with the goal of being released at the same time as the console. The goal price is set at 5,000 Yen.

After “V-Tetris,” there are plans to release a shooting game called “Faceball (tentative title)”. This will be a game where you move around and shoot bullets within a 3-D maze as a ball with a smiling face. Please wait until around July for more details.

[With the drawing]
An artist’s depiction of “Faceball (tentative title)”

Ben’s Question to Anyone Reading This:
Does anybody know for sure what “ITC” stands for? Based on the information below, it appears that ITC was a video game company that had actually begun working on a Virtual Boy game of some sort.


English Translations for the Release Calendar Page of the 3D Virtual Boy Magazine:

– – – – – English Translations Only – – – – –


What manufacturers are making software for the Virtual Boy? What kind of software is being made for the Virtual Boy? We asked these simple questions.

Q: Who all have entered the Virtual Boy market?

A: The number of manufacturers that responded as having clearly entered the Virtual Boy market is surprisingly small. Still, some said they are waiting and watching.

■Companies That Have Entered the Market (16 Companies)
Coconuts Japan Entertainment
Bullet-Proof Software
Bottom Up
Right Stuff
2 Other Companies

■Companies That Are Planning for Entry into the Market (9 Companies)
3 Other Companies
(Translator’s Note: This should probably read as “4 Other Companies,” or else it should read as “8 Companies” in the heading. As translator, though, I must leave the original error intact.)

■Companies That Are Not Planning for Entry into the Market (5 Companies)

■Companies That Are Considering Entry into the Market (11 Companies)
Activision Japan
Tokuma Shoten
4 Other Companies

– – – – – Japanese Originals and English Translations – – – – –

メーカー直撃!! バーチャルボーイアンケート
Asking the Manufacturers!! Virtual Boy Questionnaire

What manufacturers are making software for the Virtual Boy? What kind of software is being made for the Virtual Boy? We asked these simple questions.

Who all have entered the Virtual Boy market?

The number of manufacturers that responded as having clearly entered the Virtual Boy market is surprisingly small. Still, some said they are waiting and watching.

■参入している(16社) = Companies That Have Entered the Market (16 Companies)
アイマックス = I’MAX
アスミック = Asmik
アトラス = Atlus
ココナッツジャパン エンターテインメント = Coconuts Japan Entertainment
Jウイング = J-Wing
POW = Pow
バップ = Vap
ハドソン = Hudson
バンプレスト = Banpresto
BPS = Bullet-Proof Software
ヘクト = Hect
ボトムアップ = Bottom Up
ライトスタッフ = Right Stuff
他2社 = 2 Other Companies

■参入予定(9社) = Companies That Are Planning for Entry into the Market (9 Companies)
エポック社 = Epoch
エンジェル = Angel
ナグザット = Naxat
ナムコ = Namco
バンダイ = Bandai
他3社 = 3 Other Companies
(Translator’s Note: This should probably read as “4 Other Companies,” or else it should read as “8 Companies” in the heading. As translator, though, I must leave the original error intact.)

■参入予定なし(5社) = Companies That Are Not Planning for Entry into the Market (5 Companies)

■検討中(11社) = Companies That Are Considering Entry into the Market (11 Companies)
アクティビジョン ジャパン = Activision Japan
エニックス = Enix
スクウェア = Square
スターフィッシュ = Starfish
徳間書店 = Tokuma Shoten
マジファクト = Magifact
メサイヤ = Messiah
他4社 = 4 Other Companies

Hey Ben, I have a translation of that page here, which was made a few years ago by a professional translator from Germany now living in Japan. I don’t remember the exact details, but we were thinking of paying him for the translation of some Japanese magazines and he was so kind to translate this page as a sample. For some reason the contact broke afterwards. Anyway, here’s the translation:

(first right side with blue background, then left side with green background)

Ask the makers!! Virtual Boy survey

What companies are making games for VB? With what kind of feelings are they making VB games? We asked simple questions like that.

Are you making games for VB?
The number of game companies stating clearly that they’re making games for VB is unexpectedly low. Many are still playing wait-and-see.
■Making games (16 companies)
ITC, I’MAX, Asmik, Atlus, Coconuts Japan Entertainment, J-Wing, POW, VAP, Hudson, Banpresto, BPS, Hect, Bottom Up, Right Stuff, and 2 more companies.
■Planning to make games (9 companies)
Epoch, Angel, Naxat, Namco, Bandai, and 3 more companies
■Not planning to make games (5 companies)
■Under consideration (11 companies)
Activision Japan, Enix, Square, Starfish, Tokuma Shoten, Magifact, Masaya, and 4 more companies

What kind of games do you think will come out?
A lot of the answers said “shooting games.” But there were also various other opinions.
“Simulations”, “ports”, “games that can be played for short durations”, “games with simple contents” etc.

Please give us some comments on the VB.
The opinions about the VB were mainly split into 2 groups: approval and slight disapproval.
“Might be able to capture new layers of games;” “I’m anticipating the possibilities;” “The games’ contents might become one-sided;” “I wonder how it looks to our eyes that are used to colored images” etc.

Virtual Boy Release Calendar
July 21 (Friday): Virtual Boy release day
★Nintendo♣ 15,000 Yen (tax not included)

July 21: Red Alarm
★T&E Soft♣ tba

July 21: Galactic Pinball (tentative title)
★Nintendo♣ 4900 Yen (tax not included)

July 21: Teleroboxer
★Nintendo♣ 4900 Yen (tax not included)

July 21: Mario’s VB Tennis (tentative title)
★Nintendo♣ 4900 Yen (tax not included)

July: Vertical Force
★Hudson♣ tba

August: Virtual Pro Baseball ’95 (tentative title)
★Kemco♣ tba

August: Virtual Double Yakuman
★Vap♣ tba

August: Tobidase! Panibon
★Hudson♣ tba

September: Jack Bros. (tentative title)
★Atlus♣ tba

September: Mario Clash
★Nintendo♣ tba

September: Virtual Fishing (tentative title)
★Pack-in-Video♣ tba

September: Faceball (tentative title)
★BPS♣ tba

Release date tba: Virtual Bowling (tentative title)
★Athena♣ tba

Release date tba: Doraemon (tentative title)
★Epoch♣ tba

Release date tba: Intercept (tentative title)
★Coconuts Japan Entertainment♣ tba

Release date tba: Sunday’s Point (tentative title)
★Coconuts Japan Entertainment♣ tba

Release date tba: Space Squash (tentative title)
★Coconuts Japan Entertainment♣ tba

Release date tba: Proteus Zone (tentative title)
★Coconuts Japan Entertainment♣ tba

Release date tba: Virtual LABO
★J-Wing♣ tba

Release date tba: T&E Virtual Golf
★T&E Soft♣ tba

Release date tba: V-Tetris
★BPS♣ tba

Release date tba: Virtual Battle Ball
★Hect♣ tba



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