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It has long been a desire of mine to translate into English a lot of the Japanese articles that have been written in magazines, etc. concerning games for the Virtual Boy that ended up never getting commercially released, since this is about the only access that we have to such games, unless their prototype cartridges happen to surface in the future and fall into the hands of one or ones who desire to dump the ROMs and release the games online for all to play. It looks like I will now have time in my life to work on such, and I hope to release all of my English translations on this thread. Now, it is important for the reader to understand that I myself do not know or speak Japanese, so I rely on the use of translation software programs such as Google Translate, SDL Free Translation, and BabelFish, as well as online Japanese-to-English dictionaries, such as Denshi Jisho – Online Japanese Dictionary. I do strongly believe that these programs allow me to create rather accurate English translations of Japanese text; nevertheless, there may still be errors on account of my lack of understanding of the Japanese language. As for the titles of certain Japanese games that never got released, I don’t know if there is any way to know what the “official” English titles would have been if they had ever gotten released in English. Nevertheless, I shall try my best to come up with what would have most likely been the English titles for these games, if they had gotten localized in North America. With that being said, the first article that I’ve translated into English appeared in the 367th issue of Famitsu Magazine, dated December 29, 1995, on page 243, and it was a write up for the unreleased game, whose title I have translated into English as “Doraemon and Nobita’s Heart-Pounding Ghostland.”

Translations for Doraemon and Nobita’s Heart-Pounding Ghostland:


ドラえもん のび太のドキドキ!おばけランド
Doraemon and Nobita’s Heart-Pounding Ghostland



Epoch Company

Expected Release: 1996

5,500 Yen

8 Megabits

Doraemon, Nobita, and friends bustle about in a three-dimensional amusement park that takes full advantage of the Virtual Boy’s capabilities. Rush around unique stages, with roller coasters, bungee jumping, and more! Search for hidden, secret tools to rescue your buddies who have been kidnapped by ghosts!

The Amusement Park at Night is a Ghostland!

There are five different characters to choose from. Each one has its own characteristic attack, so it’s good to change characters for each stage.

Ride a roller coaster and try to get rid of the ghosts!

© Fujiko, Shogakukan Inc., TV Asahi Corp.

*The game’s screens are currently under development.

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Hi Ben, excuse me if Imissed it – but is that Bound High section with Yamauchi translated already? very interested to see what that says!

L___E___T wrote:
Hi Ben, excuse me if Imissed it – but is that Bound High section with Yamauchi translated already? very interested to see what that says!

Not yet, but it is next on my agenda. 🙂

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Benjamin Stevens’ English Translation for Virtual Gunman Article, which originally appeared on page 46 of Dengeki Super Famicom Magazine: January 5/19, 1996 – No. 1 (電撃スーパーファミコン 1996年1月5日1月19日合併号 NO.1)

Famicom Space World ’95
Virtual Boy

The Space World ’95 venue had a large number of Nintendo 64 and Super Famicom software as well as Virtual Boy software exhibits. It seemed that with many people who had never seen the images in the Virtual Boy before, it was attracting considerable attention with each software. Especially “Bound High,” which was exhibited in the Symbolic Zone, was gaining in popularity. The total amount of Virtual Boy software exhibited was 18. Let’s introduce one of them.

Virtual Gunman

●ビクターエンタテインメント ●’96年3月発売予定 ●¥5,800(予価) ●STG ●8M
●Victor Entertainment ●Expected Release: March ’96 ●5,800 Yen (Tentative) ●Shooter ●8 MBit

▲This is a gun-shooting game where you use the aiming cursor to defeat the enemies that keep appearing one after another. It features a new defense system that uses a barrier.

We anxiously await the release dates of the software titles exhibited, such as this one. Many are likely to be released next year in March, since Nintendo and the companies involved are planning the launch of a large amount of software for the Virtual Boy in March.

▲The Symbolic Zone for the Virtual Boy. A strength of this hardware is that it makes it possible to produce software for existing genres, while having elements of surprise. New pivotal software is being awaited!

Benjamin Stevens wrote:
“Many are likely to be released next year in March, since Nintendo and the companies involved are planning the launch of a large amount of software for the Virtual Boy in March.”

Damn! Why did ‘March’ never happen???

And what happened to all these prototypes… 🙁

The thing that I question the most is: Where did the information originally come from, that Dragon Hopper was ever exhibited at Famicom Space World ’95? On this site, it mentions that 19 games were exhibited there:

Bound High
Dragon Hopper
Polygo Block
Virtual Block
J-League 3D Stadium
Out of the Deathmount
Proteus Zone
SD Gundam Dimension War
Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling
Sora Tobu Henry
VB Wario Land
Virtual Bomberman
Virtual Double Yakuman
Virtual Gunman
Virtual Pro Baseball ’96
Virtual Bowling
Virtual Lab

Nevertheless, the article I just translated mentions that there were only 18 games exhibited in total, and if I had to guess, Dragon Hopper probably doesn’t belong in the list of the games that were there, or surely it would have been mentioned in addition to Bound High. I find it also very strange that Dragon Hopper has not appeared on any of the release forecast lists in any of the Japanese gaming magazines that have been found and posted online to date. I can’t find any original Japanese information on Dragon Hopper in anything, so I’m just wondering where the heck such allegedly came from.

Man, this is some amazing stuff Ben. Thank you for all of this!

vuefinder83 wrote:
Man, this is some amazing stuff Ben. Thank you for all of this!

No problem!

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Benjamin Stevens’ English Translation for Bound High Article, which originally appeared on page 46 of Dengeki Super Famicom Magazine: January 5/19, 1996 – No. 1 (電撃スーパーファミコン 1996年1月5日1月19日合併号 NO.1)

There are Secret Plans for the Virtual Boy

Nintendo President Yamauchi
Speaks at a Lecture.

At President Yamauchi’s lecture, which was held on November 24th, the first day of Famicom Space World ’95, we were able to listen to talk about Nintendo’s strategy for the Virtual Boy. He said, “Although the Virtual Boy hardware can achieve the heterogeneity of television games, the amount of software that can emphasize that sort of heterogeneity is small. Currently, we are creating software worthy of the Virtual Boy name.”

President Yamauchi said that the future of the Virtual Boy is in creating software in pursuit of a “likeness.” In accordance with these words, a few Virtual Boy software titles of this type are currently in development at Nintendo. When Nintendo’s genius game-making group becomes serious, we can expect ambitious works that are sure to wow us. It seems that next year is likely going to be the year that the Virtual Boy demonstrates its unlimited possibilities.

▲President Yamauchi mentioned “Bound High” as software that takes advantage of the heterogeneity.

Benjamin Stevens’ English Translation for Flying Henry Article, which originally appeared on page 29 of Dengeki Super Famicom Magazine: October 27, 1995 – No. 17 (電撃スーパーファミコン 1995年10月27日合併号 NO.17)


VB File

Flying Henry

●ヒューマン ●今冬発売予定 ●価格未定 ●ACT ●容量未定
●Human ●Expected Release: This Winter ●Price TBD ●Action ●Capacity TBD

Innocent-Looking Henry’s Great Domination!

This is a scrolling action game where you control the innocent-looking hero, Henry, to defeat the enemies. Henry flies around in the sky in a light and airy as well as sluggish manner. You defeat the enemies by making this fellow land on them or dash into them. Henry moves about to the left and right and all around, and he can also move towards the back of the screen.

▲Innocent-looking Henry might be a bit peculiar, but he’s also a fun character to watch.

◄There are, of course, also tough boss fights.

I need to mention a change to my previous English translation, which appears in post # 10 of this thread, for the Flying Henry article that appears in the 355th issue of Famitsu Magazine, dated October 6, 1995, on page 223. There is a difficult Japanese phrase in that article, which I originally decided to translate as “blasting them away.” The phrase most closely seems to mean “to send (something) flying,” without indicating the specific means by which the object is sent flying, which is why I wasn’t sure if enemies could be sent flying by bullets shot from Henry during that part of the game or by some other means. I am now going to translate it as “knocking them flying,” and I believe that this phrase relates to what happens to the enemies when Henry does his dash attack into them. The recent translation of the article from Dengeki has made me conclude that this is what the article in Famitsu was trying to convey with its less clear phrase. Thus, none of the articles that I’ve translated to date for Flying Henry give any indication if he has the ability to shoot the enemies during the 2D scrolling portions of the game. Nevertheless, this Famitsu article does indeed clearly show that at least during the 3D flying portion of the game, Henry has the ability to shoot, at least during the boss fight. To me, it would be strange if Henry can only shoot during the 3D portions of the game and not at all during the 2D scrolling portions. Nevertheless, I haven’t found any original authoritative information yet indicating that he can also shoot during the 2D scrolling portions of the game.

Japanese to English Translations for Proteus Zone article appearing on page 173 of Jugemu Magazine, Issue No.7 – November 1995:

Proteus Zone

VB ●シューティング
VB: Shooting

ココナッツジャパン エンターテイメント
Coconuts Japan Entertainment

Release Date: Expected for October, 1995

定 価●価格未定
List Price: Price TBD

J-Code: 021881

8 Megabits


Enjoy a total of 20 stages, including bonus stages, in this 3D shooter that gives you a pleasant sense of floating. Fly around freely while shooting down oncoming enemies, consisting of eerie monsters floating in the darkness of the screen.

I just spent the last little while reading through this whole post. Incredible work here. I can’t believe all the games that could have been. I have never yearned for something so much in my life 🙂 Thanks for all the hard work.

You’re welcome! 🙂 And yeah… It’s especially a shame that quite a few VB games were already rather far along in development, when they got their plugs pulled. Those prototype games might still be out there somewhere, though, perhaps waiting to find their way into hands that will be willing to share them.

Japanese to English Translations for New Japan Pro-Wrestling: Fierce Fighting Legends article appearing on page 175 of Jugemu Magazine, Issue No. 9 – January 1996:

VB ●スポーツ&レース
VB: Sports & Racing

Jコード030694 / 8M / カートリッジ
J-Code: 030694 / 8 Megabits / Cartridge


Release Date: Expected for December, 1995

定 価●4980円(予)
List Price: 4980 Yen (Tentative)

New Japan Pro-Wrestling:
Fierce Fighting Legends

Experience the real thrill in this planar game!

Appearing in this game are five real names of wrestlers from the New Japan Pro-Wrestling organization. By taking full advantage of the ring and by means of the stereoscopic representations in every direction, numerous dynamic moves have been realistically reproduced. There are four different modes to enjoy, such as Title Match and G1 Climax.

Avalanche-style moves are firmly followed. Even with smaller wrestlers, these moves are to be reckoned with!

Ben’s Note: For a while now, it has appeared in Planet Virtual Boy’s Review section for Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling (aka: New Japan Pro-Wrestling) that there have been rumors that this game was actually released in Japan in very small numbers and that some magazines even claimed this. In this connection, while Jugemu never seems to flat out say this, I find it interesting that in Jugemu’s January, 1996 issue, it says that New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s release date was expected for December, 1995 and that the list price of 4980 yen for the game was tentative; then, in February’s issue of Jugemu, the “expected for” portion of the release date of December, 1995 is dropped in Jugemu’s second New Japan Pro-Wrestling article, so with this, there appears to be a stronger certainty of the December, 1995 release date than there was in January’s article, and even the “tentative” portion of the list price is dropped in February’s article, as if to suggest that Jugemu knew that not only was the December, 1995 release date certain, but so was the list price for the game. Not only all this, but New Japan Pro-Wrestling even disappears from the Super Jugemu Calendar pages in the February, 1996 issue of the magazine, as if to suggest that Jugemu knew that the game had already been released. You see, in cases where certain games once had expected release dates on the Super Jugemu Calendar pages but then the release dates got pushed back, such games would always continue to remain on the Super Jugemu Calendar pages in later issues of the magazine, just with new and different possible release dates. Of course, if the time would happen to come for a certain game that Jugemu learned that it definitely got canceled, then the game would indeed disappear from the calendar pages for that reason. Other than that, though, games would only disappear from the calendar pages upon their releases. Thus, New Japan Pro-Wrestling disappearing from the calendar pages in the very same issue that it was firmly stated that the game would be released in December, 1995 with a 4980 yen list price strongly indicates that Jugemu must have at least thought that the release of the game was imminent upon the publication of the February, 1996 issue of the magazine.

Japanese to English Translations for New Japan Pro-Wrestling: Fierce Fighting Legends article appearing on page 160 of Jugemu Magazine, Issue No. 10 – February 1996:

VB ●アクション

Jコード030694 / 8M / カートリッジ
J-Code: 030694 / 8 Megabits / Cartridge


Release Date: December, 1995

定 価●4980円
List Price: 4980 Yen

New Japan Pro-Wrestling:
Fierce Fighting Legends

Dynamic offense and defense in a ring with depth!

It’s an action game featuring 8 wrestlers from New Japan Pro-Wrestling, including Riki Choshu! The Virtual Boy’s characteristics have been utilized to reproduce a square ring with depth. Unlike with traditional planar wrestling, you can enjoy offense and defense with dynamic moves!

Some of the real thrills of pro wrestling are, of course, the bold-move tricks!

Japanese to English Translations for New Japan Pro-Wrestling: Fierce Fighting Legends article appearing on page 75 of Marushō Super Famicom Magazine, 1995’s Issue No. 18 – November 10, 1995:

新日本プロレスリング 激闘伝説
New Japan Pro-Wrestling: Fierce Fighting Legends



4980 Yen

Release: December


8 M
8 Megabits

今度はVBで勝負だ! エーオラ!
This time, it’s a bout on the Virtual Boy!

Introducing the Virtual Boy’s first professional wrestling game, from Tomy, featuring New Japan wrestlers rampaging around with their real names! It’s got a full lineup of modes, such as “Time Attack,” where you compete for how long it takes to beat your opponent, as well as New Japan’s specialty: “G1 Climax.” It also has impressive stereoscopic battles unique to the Virtual Boy. There is no choice but to play this!

Experience a lineup featuring 8 wrestlers in all.

Clinch victory!

Throw him!

I like the fact that now some magazines are translated.

I’m bored at work again, so…

Japanese to English Translations for Dolphins Demo article appearing on page 97 of Famitsu Magazine, Issue No. 323, dated February 24, 1995:


It is undecided whether all the software introduced here will be released at all or not. It is said that the goal is to release “Red Alarm” at the same time as the system itself, but it currently gives the strong impression of being a demo that shows the Virtual Boy’s capabilities. Well, if it does actually get released, it’s a safe bet that it will be more powered up. Now, about other software of interest, T&E Soft also seems to be planning a sports title. Also at CES, a demo of dolphins swimming underwater was on display, but as of now, it is said that there is no plan to release it as a game. Please also note the last questionnaire.

↑This is a demo of dolphins. The movement is very
smooth. It looks like they are really swimming!

Japanese to English Translations for Mario Bros. VB article appearing on page 97 of Famitsu Magazine, Issue No. 323, dated February 24, 1995:

Mario Bros. VB (Tentative Title)


Release Date TBD

Price TBD

Capacity TBD

That masterpiece is revived with the Virtual Boy. The system of the game is currently being improved, so it might end up being a completely different game.

3-D Mario

↑ 背景がついて、奥行きもバッチりだ。
↑ Concerning the background, the depth is just right!

The Originator

↑ This is the original. The game is already nearly 15 years old, but it’s interesting enough even now.

These are always so interesting. Thanks Ben!

speedyink wrote:
These are always so interesting. Thanks Ben!

No problem. I gotta keep feeding my addiction with something Virtual Boy-related anyway.

Japanese to English Translations for Virtual Pro Baseball ’96 article appearing on page 117 of Dengeki ’95’s Issue No. 18, dated November 10, 1995:


VB File

Virtual Pro Baseball ’96

●ケムコ ●’96年3月発売予定 ●¥6,500 ●SPG ●16M
●Kemco ●Expected Release: March 1996 ●6,500 Yen ●Sports ●16 Megabits

VB Baseball with the Latest Stats!

The ’96 edition of “Virtual Pro Baseball ’95” opens up a new horizon for the game of baseball, in a style that makes the best use of the Virtual Boy’s representation of space, such as that players in the outfield appear to be far away.

The system of the previous game is intact, with the latest stats being brought in, based on the final results of ’95. Do you know if your favorite team has become stronger?

Can you compete against a friend in possible competitive play?

It’s a dome!

↑ The characters are somewhat larger than in the previous game. Also, the ceiling of Tokyo Dome can be seen.

Japanese to English Translations for Virtual Jockey article appearing on page 32 of Dengeki ’95’s Issue No. 15, dated September 22, 1995:


VB File

Virtual Jockey

ライトスタッフ / 12月発売予定 / 価格未定 / RCG / 8M / B
Right Stuff / Expected Release: December / Price TBD /
Racing / 8 Megabits / Battery Backup

Crack the Whip from the Jockey’s Point of View!

It’s a new sensational game, where you can enjoy horse racing from the perspective of the jockey. The horses and courses are represented by polygons, with the sense of realism being outstanding. Try to read the characteristics of the horses and the development of the races successfully and win the big race! As for the content, it is more a thinking-type game, where you must read what unfolds, than an action game.

← There are plenty of events, too!

↑ The object of the game is to make a horse, which was born
on a farm and which has no local reputation, victorious in a
grand derby.

↑ Such a cute girl is willing to help you out!

Translation for info in lower right screenshot:
Stable Office

私の名前は 安田さつき
My name is Satsuki Yasuda.
Nice to meet you! ♥

Translator’s Note:
The translations for the other 2 screenshots already appear in Post # 26 of this forum thread.


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