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So in the Workshop section of planetvb there is an idea for a Virtual Boy Stand/Mount made out of a Lamp mount.
I live in the US and I am wondering if anyone has tried making this mount and has any idea, maybe links, to a lamp and or just parts that I could use to build this construction?
I personally think it would really work well for how I would like to play.

But generally I would be interested in more ideas on how to play VB without putting to much stress on my neck.

I am new to VB gameplay and I never got any headaches or eye strains like the rumor has it.
I just find it hard to play for more than 20min because of how I cramp over to look into the third dimension.
I think the VB stand is standing between fun and long gameplay sessions.

How are you dealing with it and what tips do you have?

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Thank you so much, that it exactly what I want! <3

Hi. I’ve never built a stand of any kind and will often play my VB for hours without any back or neck pain. I’ve always found that having an adjustable chair helps a lot. When one is not available, a few sturdy books work great. These days you can find a few books at any Thrift Store or Library sale for under $5. Old text books or outdated encyclopedias are always cheap and sturdy.

What I have always wanted to do is pick up a cheap drum cymbal stand and convert it for the VB. I’ve just never come across one for the right price. I think this would be most ideal because you could sit in a comfy chair and adjust the VB for you, and not the other way around!

I can see a drum cymbal stand work well with the virtual boy.

Before I had a VB I thought a head mount or headstrap would work best, but after experiencing the vb hardware in person I feel the device would either not sit comfortably because the nose needs a lot of soft support and more importantly the way you have to look into the eye pieces is very important, you need to adjust how you look into it.

BenVenn made a video about the vb and designed a new case to work with a head mount. It was just a prototype but it is something that could get improved on. It’s a big task but it seems like fun.

A head mount is kind of the best way to experience VR but the vb is it’s own unique thing, nintendo did a good choice be going with a stand, designing a good stand is the best way to go in my opinion.


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