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I just got a VB EP-ROM cartridge (woot!) and now I am looking for some 4 and 8 MBit EPROMs and maybe an eraser to use with it. I think I need M27C4001-12F1 but I am not entirely sure. It seems that those are no longer produced, though, so maybe someone has some of those or knows if I can use other ones?

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Heh… if you still need these, let me know… I’ve got a bunch of 27C080’s (which IIRC work in these carts)… you could also get some 27C4001’s, or 27C040’s on ebay or some place like that.


Thanks DogP, but Fire-WSP told me in the same second you posted (really!!) that he has some of the chips I need for me πŸ™‚

yea this is true, since i have some SNES Eprom Board i bought lots of them.
Nintendo was using the same Eproms for both SNS and VUE boards

Does anyone know if I can program M27C4001-12F1s with a v3 Willem Epromer? DogP? πŸ™‚

To answer my own question: yes it is supported, you just have to select “27C040” πŸ™‚


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