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I’ve got a loose SD Gundam cart and manual that I’m trying to make a box for. What I’m hoping to do is to print out color scans of the of the box art and paste them over another VB box. The problem is that I can’t find decent Gundam scans anywhere. Is there anyone here that could get me some? I can offer box/manual scans of any VB game besides Virtual Bowling in return.

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We’ve got nice scans, but only of the front and back and we are still waiting for the scans of the sides to upload them. They’re 736×742 pixels`and 96 dpi, would that be enough?
Once you’ve done it, it would be cool to hear back from you how well it worked. I have been thinking of making Blox boxes the same way, you know… 😀

That should be big enough but where on the site are the scans located? In the Games section? The page doesn’t open when I click on the link. Same goes for 5 or 6 other sections. Are some of them down?

I think I remember seeing the scans a while ago on this site, but I wasn’t able to do anything with them since the sides weren’t up. Know if you’ll be getting those anytime soon?

The new scans are not up yet, we are still waiting for the scans of the box sides… Which pages are not opening for you? They SHOULD all open normally but looks like there’s a problem with the menu @_@;


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