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Whats a good substitute for the virtual boy stand?

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You could make a lamp-o-tron, or just lay the VB on a table and put your face on it. Another “standless” solution would be lying on your back and having the VB on your face, but that’s pretty unstable 😉

If you’re looking for a stand, someone on eBay is selling a lot of 3 VB stands right now. It’s only going for 99 cents and the moment so that might be the cheapest and best way to get a stand.


This is my new adjustable stand for VUE.






You need only thle “Forsa” lamp from “IKEA” and the original clamp n screw.
It is very easy for everyone to built it,nice color and stable adjustment.

do you have the part number for that ikea lamp? any instructions for exactly what you did?

It is this one:


Google is your friend 😉

Though, instructions would be great, a €20 (it is €19,95 here in the Netherlands) stand is a very good price!

Looks good, some higher res pics would be good around the area you have the clamp unit fixed.

I guess the base of that is quite heavy to allow the VB to sit on top and it all not to fall over, or would it tip up if you extend it beyond a certain point?

Nice work and a good find.

Tha base can hold the unit almost near extended limit.
It cost to me 15 euro.

Yes i can post details about clamping,tonight,also new (optional) washers.

Super macro pics,i add washers and more clearence round clamp.


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