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Hello again! I was wondering. This site holds a video that says Mario’s Tennis is 2 player… I don’t see anything that shows 2 player on the ingame screen. Has anyone ever hooked up two VBs together and, seen anything pop up? I’d really like to know.

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Yeah, they’ve tried using homemade link cables, but it was a no go. Kinda sucks…

Damn… then why the hell does that commercial say that? That pisses me off.

Well, it was made before the LinkCable idea was cancelled. Too bad…. but somehow it’s cool to see a promo for the VB’s 2-player feature 😉

BTW, welcome to Heppner, our 100th member :thumbup:

Yeah, I have tried this with my homemade link cable. No such luck man. You would think that this would work considering the fact that the game was made before the link cable idea was canceled. Oh well. The system and all of its games are pure novelty. Only a true VB fan can appreciate the pure irony of this system. Weclome to your new addiciton.


Thank you KR155E, I’m happy thats there atleast one 1337 site. That’s about the Virtual Boy. =)

Lol… This site looks SO much differen’t on Linux Fedora. Than that crappy Windows.
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