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Hey everyone,
A local collector friend of mine recently got a steal on a CIB Mario’s Tennis on FB Marketplace (around $50 shipped).
It came, and it is legit. However, there is one thing I was curious about.
Inside the box was a cart baggie. I have never seen another one of these with one.
This makes me wonder if they came sealed like other VB games, or maybe not, I just know I’ve never seen one with the cart baggie. This also came from the original owner and not from a reseller or anyone who could have added the bag etc to make it more enticing.

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Are you talking about the US or Japanese version of Mario’s Tennis? The US version was never sold in a box, because it was the pack-in title when you bought the system. Nintendo did print a limited number of Mario’s Tennis boxes (without any inserts), but they were strictly for store display purposes at places like GameStop. So if your friend got a “CIB” US Mario’s Tennis, it’s because someone got a demo box, and put a cart in it. As for a baggie around the cart, I believe that every US (and Japanese) game came from the factory that way.

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Baggies for carts is definitely normal for new games.

If you got a Japanese copy CIB for $50, that’s about retail. If you got a US copy CIB for $50, you got a steal. If it is a US box, check it to make sure its legit (print quality of the box and the lettering). I doubt anyone is faking VB game boxes but I wouldn’t put anything past video game scammers these days.

Hey everyone, referring to the US version. I know it wasn’t a normal retail release that’s why I thought it was odd there was a cart bag in there, as I’ve never seen another like it.

Someone put it in there probably. The US box was just an empty box primarily just made for Blockbuster as a rental placement piece. At the minimum there should be at least the game holder white cardboard piece.

When I got my VB in the beginning of 2019 I got a steal and it was in there. Mine still has all the cello around it sliced nicely along the top so the box is like new, no dumb stickers either from rental by some miracle, and it had the cardboard in there. I just can’t remember if it(original owner or intended) also had like the VB info fold out in there.

I think I figured it out.
Since the display box was made by Blockbuster it would have been empty.
They pulled the Mario Tennis along with cart baggie from the boxed Virtual Boy they would have got to rent out as well.


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