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The new VB Mario game in development should continue this weekend, after the code writing getting stalled by my house getting struck by lightning and killing my computer… I’m getting my new computer parts to fix it this weekend… so WOOT! Just an update for those that haven’t been in the chat room (and to get this forum going 🙂 )


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I’d like to second Pocket’s post. I’d be willing to donate too =)

I guess well-made level designs and sprites are always welcome ;D

…Though I’d love some cash as well.

*runs away with it to buy more games* 😉

A small piece of gameplay advice: Mario Clash has a backwards A & B button configuration. That drives my crazy. In all other Mario games, the button on the right jumps, the button on the left picks up the shells. (not to nit-pick).

Yup, mine is set up like all of the others… B runs, A jumps. I do remember Mario Clash being weird, although I think I usually use the triggers IIRC (I haven’t played it in a long time).


hello.I dont know if this proyect go on or it is stoped.
According with the demos page,no more work has done since 2005.
Now the vbjaengine has being released,maybe the maps could be added to it,no?

Other idea is using some game already done,maybe the great Mario Adventure (an increible hacking rom of super mario bross 3),and add new level with depth.

I still occasionally work on the project, but it’s not the top on my priority list… and Jorgeche’s Mario VB is much more complete, so hopefully he, or someone, will complete that game. Eventually, I’d like to use the engine that I was building for this Mario game to either make another Mario style game, or another side scrolling game like Megaman.


ok,thanks for answering so soon.
have you some test rom of it? i would like test on my emulator.
i have some ideas ,but i am going to create a new post,i would like know what do you think about.

I would love to see a true great mario game on the VB. I hope you restart the project. It would be an amazing accomplishment. And I’m sure there would be some pretty neat 3D effects as well.

As for choosing between Mario and Megaman. 100% go with mario, the VB deserves a true mario game plan and simple.

Let me urge you to go forward and make one giant leap for VB homebrew

Thanks for the encouragement… unfortunately it’s on the back burner until I either finish Mario Kart, or get sick of working on it and decide to jump back to this :-P. My top 3 projects (in order) are Mario Kart, VB TV/VGA adapter (Hardware design), and Mario VB.

Things are finally starting to come together in the VB scene, so hopefully I’ll have the tools I need to get these projects together. Of course Jorgeche’s Mario game looks promising too, so I wouldn’t be surprized if that turns into a complete game sooner than mine.

Luckily we also have Wario Land, which is a great game… so at least we have a good Mario style game, but IMO you can’t have too many Mario games (“New Super Mario Bros” for the DS was amazing… that’d be really cool on the VB).


That VGA adapter sounds like a cool idea. but, is it really worth it? Virtual Boys are expensive and the flash cards don’t have save states. So that means that game we create will be annoying because we can’t save them.

I think what we need to do is to try our hardest to get virtual boy to be what it should have been. Gunpei never wanted it to be released in its current form. We need to do him honor.

We shouldn’t focus on the original hardware, because its flawed. You get sore eyes, it uncomfortable , etc.

Not to mention the hardware is expensive and so is a flashcart. Plus, the flashcart is in limited supply due to the fact it needs a donor cart. I do however, think your vision to revive the virtual boy could be possible.

Here’s my vision, we try and perfect the 3D technique so it works with some cheap 3D glasses. Then I could just hook my TV up to my computer via VGA/HDMI and have 3D gaming from the comfort of my couch.Reality Boy on computer then VGA to HDTV is what I think the future holds. Imagine widescreen VB gaming.

That’s what we should aim for.

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All I meant to say was. Why work on a VGA or a TV adaptor, when you can just use the Reality Boy emulator on your computer and output it to your TV.

Playing on your TV is comfortable and economic all you need is cheap red blue 3D glasses.

Software should be worked on instead of the hardware. It strains your eyes.

There’s several reasons for me… emulation is FAR from perfect… and although I’ve done some work on Reality Boy, making the emulator perfect isn’t my strong point. I’m much better at doing hardware to display an existing VB to the TV (or VGA monitor). It’s also much more fun for me, and there’s just something cool about the original hardware playing on a TV rather than just playing an emulator (I think the original hardware should have had a TV out, so others could watch while you play).

And maybe you and some others have a computer hooked to a TV, but none of my computers are conveniently hooked to a TV… while on the other hand, I have 15 or more VB systems, which gives me a great testbed to work with. And about the eye strain… the TV/VGA adapter would get rid of that as much as playing it through your computer, although I don’t have any problems w/ eye strain on the real system (I find red/blue glasses and shutter glasses to strain my eyes more), and I prefer to play real hardware MUCH more than an emulator. It could be part nostalgia, or it could be the immersive environment from the eyeshade and speakers… but it’s just more fun IMO.



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