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I recently wrote an article to GamePro magazine about the VB and they published it. I was very excited for myself, and for the VB to recieve the attention. The VB is an amazing system.

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Sweet dude. I want to read it!


I’m glad they published it mostly because it keeps the Virtual Boy alive. I think alot of people don’t appreciate it fully, and it gets overlooked. But I changed that! LOL

So, can you post any sort of link to your article or maybe even post a copy of it? I don’t currently subscribe to GamePro.

Heheheh… I still get Gamepro… I signed up for that free year that they were giving away a few years ago, and they just keep sending it to me. I never read them… I just throw them in a pile, but I just picked the top one up and there’s an article on the VB on page 14 of issue 208 (Jan 06).

I’ll scan it tomorrow if I get around to it.


Heh, I get Gamepro too. I don’t know why they still keep sending them, my free subscription should have ran out long ago, though apparently this isn’t an uncommon occurrence. Makes me feel sorry for all the people who actually pay for a subscription.

Anyhoo, nice to see some coverage on the VB, and it was nice that the people at Gamepro gave credit to Gunpei Yokoi. But they just had to mention the headaches… 🙁 Seriously guys, not everyone gets headaches from the VB. Oh well.

Okay… I finally got around to scanning in the article.



OK Own up, which one of you guys wrote the rant about seeing scantily clad men LOL

It makes me happy every time I read it. 🙂 (Hey- how’d you guys get free GamePro!?) lol

Hey, thanks DogP for posting my article. Hope everyone enjoys.

Yup, thanks to Eric and DogP 🙂 Gonna put it on the site in one of the next updates.


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