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Hi there VB freaks

When i was traveling in the US about 97 i saw th VB in the shelf for like 30$ or so. Id never in my life seen something like it( didnt come out in europe i dont need to tell you). Games were cheap too. My dad dint want to lend me the money cause id spent all of my holliday money; and i must say, I do understand him. Dads sometimes just cant hold appart rubbish sons want to buy from realy grat stuff. Well anyway lifes not fair(hehe) and i didnt get the vb. But i realy still want one now so i had a look on ebay. But you never realy know what you get there( ok sometimes you do).

So please make me any VB offers you can make. my goal is to get a new never opened in box vb and an other one to play with. Of corse I need games as well. Oh and buy the way I live in Switzerland.

So im happy for any offers i get.


Greets BenRPG

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Thread closed on request of the poster… aka already got a VB ~_^


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