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Hi guys,

I just got a Virtual Boy from a friend of mine and one of the LED strips aren’t working, i tested everything, swapped it all out and switched position of the led array, (now the left eye works and not the right)

I’m looking to buy another system to fix this one, but instead if buying a new one, i though I’d check here to see if anyone had a system that was defective but that the LED arrays still work, (maybe you have one defective led array as well)

email me and name your price and shipping cost,


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You may want to contact Andy B. You can get his email address from the main forum.
He recently posted about having a VB with one bad display. If its just the LEDs themselves you need, he might be willing to sell you the ones from it.

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If you dont need your defective led strip i would be willing to buy it from u ?


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