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This site started out as a joint venture between Chris here and myself, but time dictates everything and I ended up publishing the site myself. I do wish him luck with his site(s), it’s a big endeavor.

The site is still coming along, it’s looking good. If you’re interested, please join the forum as well. The point of the site is for the NGP and NGPC, including manual scans, reviews, etc.


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Is the site just for the handhelds?

speedyink wrote:
Is the site just for the handhelds?

Yes, as of now that’s where I want to keep it. There’s no real specific NGP/NGPC site anymore, and with increased interest lately, I thought it made sense.

I’m excited about your new site!
I remember when the gameboy color and neo geo pocket color were new, I always had a stronger preference for the NGPC for its arcade titles.
I played its kiosk ever time I went to my local toys’r’us. (they only had the sonic demo in it, so I must have played through that tens of times haha)
I think I still have the ad that that first introduced me to it. (maybe I should find it and scan it for your site?)

Anyways, never did get the NGPC since it was taken off the market before I saved enough money (I was young), so I ended up buying a gameboy color instead. Wish I would have known it was on clearance in other stores at the time, though..

I finally bought one off ebay last year! ^_^ I’ve had a heck of a time finding manuals to go along with the cart only games I have, so I quite look forward scans as well as everything else.

I’ll definitely be joining up!

Site looks awesome, I will definitely be joining up after writing this response. Great work! I have always wanted a NGPC and now it looks like I am gonna have to pick one up. Whole new scene to catch up on!

anyone else still interested?


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