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Hey everybody,
I was looking through the post here and under the “Virtual Ideas” thread I saw an interesting post by someone under the username of stein. It was a simple response to the whole thread and was not really relevant to what was being discussed but a pretty good idea. Why not just make another VB? so many people on this site are focusing on reverse engineering obsolete technology to make new games for a system wich is awesome in it’s concept but obsolete by todays standards. Nintendo has attempted to make homebrewing for all it’s consoles a difficult task for computer experienced (like most here) and IMPOSSIBLE for people like me (averge computer literate guy). Now I love VB as much as the next guy (on this site that is) but with all the time and effort vested in trying to figure out what a bunch of company money makers came up with, we the VB players and lovers who have a passion for the little red & black, could come up with a better machine and learn from VB rather than dwell over it’s grave. I have very limited knowledge in programming (I can make simple programs on BASIC & DOS woopdeedoo!) but have good knowledge in building, plastics,engineering and machinists work. in other words I could assist in designing the casing, stand or shoulder mount, and other insides and determine where things inside should go. I have a good understanding about how the optical display inside the VB worksbut fall short of circuit boards and programming and yadda yadda yadda. If you’d like to discuss this you may e-mail me and perhaps with enough of us this ball could be rolling.

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It would be really nice to see a VB2 Prototype……..

I was just thinking about this. I thought that maybe it would be possible to take 2 gameboy advances and fit them into a VB case. The screens could be set to reflect and magnify into the eyes with mirrors. It seems like there would be enough room in the VB casing for this.

The hardest part would be having the two CPUs act as one, but there are already a lot of GBA hackers who could help(and VB ones too!).

That was my idea, maybe someone else can enlighten us on the possibilities.


OH! an I already have a model drawing of what the new VB could look like!

Heres a picture of what it could look like!

===== <--- 2 rubber bumps for pro. Speaker --> |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
|___ |
\ |
Eye piece –> l| l¯¯| /____Cart. Slot
Eye piece –> l| l__| \
___/ |
Speaker –> | |
===== <--- 2 rubber bumps for pro.

damnit… if you want a text picture send me an email at mrcrazybasterd@comcast.net

Hey atari that’s not a bad idea. I saw your post earlier today and was trying to think of how it could work. The GBA screen would be real nice if it could be used in a stereoscopic display because obviously its color but also the resolution would be very high. much higher than VB but also a screen that large manipulated properly could use the entire eyespan of the user. hmmm…I’m just trying to figure out how we could use such large screens so close to the eyes without damaging vision. like you suggested perhaps mirrors and lenses may solve these problems but we have issues with the gba screens like well…we would have make them backlit (or illuminate them somehow) and we should shoot for a glare free environment (bad on a computer screen, it’s gotta be bad inches from your face). Your idea kind of made me think about the Tiger Rzone. Remember that? the one little LCD screen head mounted a few inches from one eye. maybe a design like that might work stereoscopically (is that a word?). hmmm

Sounds cool, I think that if the Big N can develop something like he DS in such a small package, imagine what they could do in the VB’s case

1. The GBA’s screen is reflective, so it would be hard to get a good picture in an HMD.

2. It’s not higher resolution than a VB’s display. GBA: 240 x 160 VB: 384 x 224

3. Portability shouldn’t be a factor, anyway. Mostly due to what I like to call the “Wet Willy Principle” 😉

I think the VB2 should be a console (portable like a GC, not like a GBA) with a large, multi-user stereo display. HMDs have too many problems and restrictions.


Okay I think your right runnerpack. I was intrigued today to find a bunch of bigwigs at work trying to find out how to fine tune a virtual workstation set up in a multimedia room at work in wich they intend to use for training. The stereoscopic headset was hooked to a computer and a projector for veiwing what the person with the headgear on sees. It was awesome and jaw dropping. I need to find out where they got the display…..I want one……

I’m a little confused…

You mean they have a stereo camera mounted on someone’s head?

And, on the projector, was it autostereoscopic? (3D without special glasses) If you did have to wear glasses, what kind? Polarized (like sunglasses) or LC shutter glasses?

BTW, where do you work?


no, no, no. Sorry runnerpack maybe I was’nt clear. It was a head mounted stereoscopic display Like a VR helmet hooked to a computer. all the interactive components were also hooked into the computer. also hooked to the computer was a projector (In place of the monitor wich was NOT three dimensional) so several others could see what the user of the headset see’s and observe how that person reacts to the 3-d environment. Only the user of the headset veiws the 3-d environment. The quality of the picture on the headset though was absolutely incredible and one of the closest things to real life I’ve ever experienced. Looked really expensive but just imagine the gaming possibilities……..Oh and yeah I work for a government contractor, I’d love to tell you what I was looking at but then the MIB might come get us both. But it has nothing to do with aliens.

Get the screens from a Game Boy MICRO perhaps (smaller, but still back-lit). The Micro is in the lower right corner of the image, shown for size comparison.

Necrobump, apparently!

I’d say just go with an Oculus Rift: http://www.oculusvr.com/.

jrronimo wrote:
Necrobump, apparently!

I’d say just go with an Oculus Rift: http://www.oculusvr.com/.

Yeah, I’m on board with the Oculus to be honest (work is already done, and looks far superior to anything we would coble together using cannibalized Nintendo consoles). For some reason this thread showed up at the top of the list when I entered the forum earlier. I posted a reply before noticing the conversation was from almost 9 years ago. Odd.


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