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I’m guessing your reactions to Nintendo’s new name for the Revolution will be the same as everyone else’s. But what do you think? 😎
I think it’s terrible. They should’ve stuck with Revolution. If it came with a VR headset it would be so damn great. Oh well. A man can dream πŸ™

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I was just looking at their website (nintendo) It’s so messed up now. So is the new name for revolution, Wii. I think the big N is hoping it will grow on people. It seems like one of those kind of names. makes sense because when you think about it we (gamers) do shorten console names to say them more easily (I know that goes for anything but it goes for consoles a lot lately.) for example VB, PSX, PS2, PS3, PSP, 360, DS, GBA we all know what they mean and it’s just easier to shorten the name. I mean the names of consoles get longer and longer then we speak to each other in the game store or in a forum and nickname them anyway. I think they’re just following a trend. Wii. Oh man it’s already growing on me…

That’s it. I think I’m getting one. :woah: http://e3.nintendo.com/

It has grown on me too. I obessively watched gamespot’s e3 coverage, and I have to say I have never been this excited about a console XD it looks so immersive. I hope I can play it using my head-mounted display. That’d ruuuuule

Yeah I think I’m definitely buying this system and of course mario and zelda. I was starting to worry about nintendo with the Lamecube era but they look like they’re back on track.

As you know, there will be old games on downloading. I expect there will be VB games :woah: . That may be a way to make discover VB games to many people and show to them what they missed ten years ago…


Yeah, right… πŸ˜›

Aaahh hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….ohhh..ha…ha…yeah that’s not going to happen. Nintendo wants to forget all about the VB and they would prefer if gamers did the same.

Oh yeah, it’s right, but if PVB releases new games for the VB, that should be know ! Blox is a very good game and I think the fans knows it. You know, I already make discover VB to many of my friends (I’m french, so the VB isn’ t very popular in my country) and they are interested in. Some ones went to the Leipzig (is it the right orthography ?) Games convention and seen the PVB stand… They also know the site but they’ re don’t registered. But I think I am changing the subject of the topic πŸ™‚

hey moi aussi je parle fr et jai un vb

I very much like the name Wii. I’ll eat my hat if there is even one VB game available for download.

I doubt there will be any Virtual Boy games for the Wii… It’s simply too embarassing to show the world on the new console what failed with the old one, as that was a 3d-console, too.



My buddy camped in front of bestbuy to get one and he did. then we played red steel until our arms were sore.

no pain no ‘game’ i guess. lol

VB is still better…

What are you talking about!?!

That’s a great name!

I thought Nintendo was going to wind up releasing all kinds of games eventually. Such Turbo Graphix 16 games. So wouldn’t they eventually also put Virtual Boy games on it? I mean why not?

Because even they can’t make a good emulator for it πŸ˜‰ … heh, j/k… but it probably has something to do with not getting a good 3D effect on the TV, not having enough VB games to make it worth while, trying to bury their failures, or probably a combination of a lot of things… along with the fact that they don’t have any Gameboy stuff on there, and that would be a better candidate for this (they even made a GB Player for GC), and was a much more successful system with a huge library of games.


Yeah I always wanted one of those for the GC and never got one. Ya know I think that by the time Wii is seeing it’s end and the next gen system is coming out we’ll see VB games. They’ll just quietly appear on a long, long list but they’ll be there. “Fingers crossed”

Jim wrote:
…that’s not going to happen. Nintendo wants to forget all about the VB and they would prefer if gamers did the same.

I’m not so sure Nintento wants to bury everything about VB.
The cameos of VB in a lot of recent Nintendo games prove it.
I think VB is becoming a legend, and Nintendo likes this.
The only thing they try to forget and to hide is the VB flop… better say it was a rare and mysterious legend, no?
So… i don’t think it’s impossible to find VB games on Virtual Console.
I’m quite sure Nintendo will do something for the VB.
I think someday we will find on a toy shop a budget small version of Virtual Boy, something like Tiger Elettronics “R-Zone”… with built in all of the VB games.
Now we can find the Plug&Play of Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter…
Nintendo did it making a small version of some Game&Watch.
I think the technology of VB can be now easily “compressed” on a much less expensive toy…
What a dream!!!


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