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I’ve had this thought rolling around for a while in my head. I come back to it from time to time but eventually realize once again after elaboration why it won’t work but it would still be cool. I think this is appropriate for the development board…

What if nintendo let a small group cough! US!! cough! buy the rights (yeah right) to the VB (not going to happen) with an offer of royalties to them from any money made. It would be more complex than that to make it happen but that’s my deep VB thought. The idea of a VB version of atari flashback is so cool but won’t work. we’d need people, incorporation, money, market analysis, pie charts, bar graphs, reports BS. it’d never work. but the thought of being able to go to the store and get VB stuff again is so cool is’nt it.

Wait maybe I should look into this. think about all those crappy little TV plug in games they sell at wal-mart. If the VB could be redesigned to be profitable selling at $30 or $40 with its games bundled into itself oh man how sweet it would be.

okay back to reality…

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That would be cool, but I doubt it would happen. Surely it would be more feasible to re-make the vb and get it out there that way XD virtual reality should hit the mainstream in the next few years anyway

I think I am going to try something else though. I think I might compact a VB. I mean make a custom head mounted shell for a VB. I just have to get another one (or two…maybe even three in case I mess up twice) on ebay. I’ll let you guys know how it turns out if I do it. I want another headset anyway so even if I don’t do it I’m still filling a need (want actually but whatever.) I won’t go into detail yet just in case I decide not to do it but I’ve got it planned out in my head and it should be simply a matter of extending some cables in the guts remounting the mirrors, leds, motor and constructing the custom shell. Still a lot of work but better than pulling chips (witch is near impossible anyway, unless you’re a robot from the year six billion.). I need one to pull apart and then I might draw my plans.

That’s a cool thought. I almost had a similar idea of trying to compact the head unit. But, I’ sthinking that would mean the hardware inside would have to be compacted as well. I don’t think you’ll be able to make it much smaller than it already is. But, I would love to see the results if you take on this project.

Good luck! 🙂

Well the way I want to compact it is’nt so much compacting as it would be moving stuff around. I would like to move things like the mainboard over the players head (while in a protective shell of course and yes I’m referring to a head mounted unit) so the unit seems lighter, and keeping the LEDs, motor and rotating mirror in front of the eyes of course. I have a cool looking design in mind but I’ll have to wait for the new unit I bought on ebay to come in so I can see if it’ll work out the way I’m hoping it will. I’m not dissecting my only VB I bought back in 98, it’s got sentimental value. anyway if my real big setback is the plastic shell ( and it will be if I do this, I originally wanted to make the shell from sheet aluminum but since it’ll be head mounted I don’t want unessasary weight although I think a polished metal VB would look cool) I’d even like to move the cartridge slot onto the back of the controller (if I even end up using carts at all 😉 ) and use a 9-volt battery to power the unit that is mounted inside the head unit (overhead) but I’m getting way ahead of myself here because this project might not even materialize. I don’t want to create false hype. I have real stuff I have to do like everybody else so we’ll see how motivated I am when I get my new unit. One of two things will happen when I do: it’ll either sit around as a spare or become frankenstein.


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