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Well, I am enthusiastic about these two games that I am going to start some interest in the characters. Me and some friends have been at work on some Chalvo and Dorin comics, related to the series.

We need your help and input. My group even plans to get a license for the site and perhaps produce some toys and other things based on the characters, creating interest in Chalvo, and Dorin, and perhaps resulting in a remake of both games, if Nintendo Revolution doesn’t already end up allowing you to download them (they’re actually going to include the unreleased Sound Fantasy as one of them, which actually WAS released in the US as, suprise suprise, SimTunes!)

Right now I am actually working on Prince Dorin dolls, and one done specially for Planet Virtual Boy. But the other ones will be for sale. Who is interested? πŸ˜‰

It can’t be possible without the help of everyone. The incredible responses of folks on the Nintendo Message Boards who’ve never even played the games, got my spirits up.

Don’t stop dreaming, if you pitch in, then anything is possible!

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Hmm, looking at your profile I am not sure if I can believe you ;), but if so, sounds nice, I am looking forward to the PVB special edition dorin figurine πŸ˜€

Do you have some pictures so we can get an idea how they will look like or how the comics look?

Not yet, but we’re working on a design. My cousin does graphics so he can help on the comics, but I’m doing the storyline.

One based on D-Hopper and one based on B-High. πŸ™‚

If we can get a fanbase going and piss nintendo off by making money off of their characters, then we may get attention, but other than that, they’ll be enjoyable things for purchase.

A fanbase? Hahahaha. The VB community is pretty small as it stands and producing merchandise for games that were never released probably isn’t going to bring anyone new to the community.

In all honesty, Shaq Fu probably has a bigger following than the VB…

*Checks profile*

Okay, I get it now. And I thought trolls were incapable of doing something original. XD

mhm this all sounds a bit strange but lets see what will happen πŸ˜‰


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