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It seems to have a strange eyepiece… why do you think that is?

Also, I understand that Nester’s funky bowling always sells for a high price, so here is an auction with a relatively low buy it now price for the game.
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If I only had the Money to buy that game! ;(
30GBP or 50€ can be a lot…

Thats either a custom made eyepiece (which I doubt), or the cardboard covering that covered the eyepiece when you first bought it.

Definitely it looks weird! It must be kind of protection thing…

Lameboy is right, it’s the cardboard cover that the VB came with.

Hi folks,

I’m the guy that bought that virtual boy! At £70 it was more than I was planning to spend on one but I think its worth it since the console is brand new.

Its not arrived yet, should arrive any day now. Can’t wait!

£70 is a lot cheaper than I got it for… but mine came with 4 boxed games. It was £132.

I finally got my VB! Its fantastic, the hardware itself is in brand new condition, and is boxed with everything that would have been there had you bought it brand new from the shop 10 years ago.

I will be making a special effort to look after this, I want to keep it in as good condition as the guy who I bought it off managed to keep it in!

The console came with Mario Tennis, which I’m really enjoying. Great gameplay and the 3D effect works well. I was never really a fan of Tennis games, but I am enjoying this one!

I have ordered the following games from eBay:

Mario Tennis
Virtual League Baseball
Galactic Pinball
Vertical Force
Wario Land
Red Alarm

Hopefully they will arrive soon.

Thank god eBay exisists, otherwise we’d have very little hope of getting a virtual boy!

I am a Computer Science student, so I obviously have some programming background. I’m considering getting into VB development as a hobby so you might just see some homebrew games form me!

– David

Its always nice to hear from new potential VB programmers. 😉

“The console came with Mario Tennis…”
“I have ordered the following games from eBay:
Mario Tennis”

So good you ordered two? 😛

I bought a 7 game lot off eBay, one of the games was Mario Tennis.

I realized I was gonna end up with 2 copies, but I got the 7 game lot for £25 which was a good price.

I will just sell the spare copy on eBay!


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