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Is there tools out there that lets you program VB in other languages than C and v10 Assembler like LisP, PERL, ADA, Etc.?

I’m just starting out in VB (waiting for mine to show up in the mail) and I wanted to start programming right away too even if it’s nothing yet. I always try to pick out the language I want to use based on the project and not the other way around, but if I don’t have that luxury then I’ll have to learn this version of assembler (as opposed to Intel or Mips).

Thank you for your help.

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HeHeHe, this is a joke right?

You can’t pick the language you want wen coding on an embedded platform, you need to much access to the hardware. You have several good choices however, C, C++ (not recomended), GAS (GCC Assembler), and raw V810 assembly.
90% of embeded systems are coded in C/Assembly, some systems use a subset of C but not many. Other languages, like Fortran (wich you could use on the VB, allong with any other language that GCC supports), and Basic are two high level for this kind of work.

Look at the demo code on this site, and buy a copy of C/C++ in 28 days (etc), good luck.


Thanks for the advice.

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Okay I came across sounding REALLY stupid. I guess I’m too frazzled because of my impending marraige so let me clarify things.

First is I DO know how to program (and yes in assembler languages too).

Second is I THOUGHT I programmed on embedded systems before, but the other Virtual Reality systems I worked with at College have ALL been peripherals and went through an OS and I don’t have a CLUE what I was thinking when I wrote my first post.

Third is that I am really looking for something to get me familiar with Embedded Systems programming (Specifically the VB).

Forth is that I’ll probably sound like an idiot in the future (and now too) because I type THEN walk away THEN think, so If I sound like I’m saying something wrong just say it like that, because I probably didn’t think about what I said. Thank you, and Thank you for letting me correct myself too.

There are several nice demos writen in C that you can use to get started. From there I think you should read all the documentation you can get your hands on, that includes the V810 hardware manual, at least one of the main patents and my programmin guide. Having a good working understanding of how computers work helps a lot, a decent computer architectures manual or a book on assembly language would be nice. Personlay I got a lot from Peter Nortons Inside the IBM PC, but it is probably long out of print.

Most of the docs can be accessed here:

keep posting, we like people who try (sorry if I was a pill).

David Tucker

I personally am not a Fan of C so I’ll be using the disassemblers. I figure I’ll wait until after this weekend to really start though. It’ll give me a chance to get my college books from home (which includes my assembler language and computer Architecture books) and get married. I’ll post after I hitched.

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C is way easier than assembly, and with GCC you can mix C and assembly nicely. If you do decide to go with assembly use GAS not one of our home brewed assemblers. (gas is in the vb_gcc package) It has proper macro support and other nicetys.

Congradulations on your engagement. My wife and I have been married for 8 years and I would not trade it for anything.

David Tucker


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