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i put in what i considered to be a very large proxy, and it was almost overtaken. the CIB jack bros., U.S. mario’s tennis box (with instruction slip) and wario land demo cart all at once was a powerful and seductive hat trick. i’m fortunate enough to already have NFB and 3-d tetris, but i guess those didn’t hurt the price much either. the box for the system was included too. and it appears that these all used to be blockbuster rentals.

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whew man did prices go up ! still, good buy. that saves alot of time and money on finding those seperately. me, im not so much into the collecting anymore..that was in 03 with my old VB :(… now im just waiting for the flashboy 🙂

:woah: Wheeow. That’s pricey.

VB prices seem to fluctuate from week to week. Some days I see bargains with no bids on them, other days I can’t find a single thing under $10. I saw a copy of NFB go unsold for a Buy It Now of $8. (I SOOOO should have bought that.) I’ve also seen a copy of Red Alarm go for $64. I laugh at the poor fool who bought that. No offense if whoever reads this bought that….

my god lol i dont care if he/she is in here or not, they need to get paitence to go with that fat bank account.. 64$ < 7$

For those of us that are just starting with the VB. Is there any kind of guide line to tell us ABOUT how much games are going for ?


I’ll buy that 3-D Tetris off you, I need to play that :s


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