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Well, I purchased a Virtual Boy from Ebay, and I got it today, but the only problem is is that the guy forgot to send me the battery pack that goes on the controller. I have looked at all the sites in the links section that have to do with purchasing Virtual Boy stuff, but I have not found a AC adapter, or a battery pack. Can somone please help?

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Your only chance would be eBay again, I think! Or you’ve got to look for a private seller.
There is no official shop anymore, thats selling vb parts. (or I don’t know it)
I don’t know where you live, but ebay.com is the best place to get any part for vb. I saw several battery packs with or without controller for less than 10USD.

But why don’t you demand on that guy for the battery pack, If you paid for it?

Thank you.


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