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Hello guys i’ve just joined the forum and posted my collection
Now in my search of the web i came across the vb store which has now closed down and i’ve been using that as a guide on price ever since,well i think if they can make a profit and i get my games cheaper than there prices i’m doing well But the amount of collecters on here and with there weatlh of knowledge would be a great help not only to me but anyone else who need a hand or stumbles across this forum on the search for vb stuff

Now i recently lost a space invaders auction as the reserve was £190 pounds which is too much for a games i think i could get for £160

now i got vlab for £150 which i thought was a fair price for mint

now another question i have is ?can or do fake games exist i mean my vlab made me very paranoid i’ve take the cart apart looked for allkinds of marking ect just to see if its authentic could anyone help me with this
just i think to myself every space invaders game i see on ebay is absolute mint
as i’m starting my collection,need to ask the right questions
looking forward to your answers

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I have never heard about fake games, and I don’t think pirates were or are interested in the Virtual Boy very much 😉 However I can understand you becoming paranoid because of V. Lab, after all I’ve heard the game is crappily produced in any way.


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