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Thoughts, ideas, feature suggestions or anything else about PVB v3… Feel free to let us know πŸ™‚

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Your site already looks great…but those screenshots of VR32 v3 look fantastic. I cant wait to see the finished product.


My VB site


I concur! I especially like how the forum will look like a part of the site, rather than a separate, somewhat related site.

Sorry to see the cool animated logo go, but it’s probably for the best πŸ˜‰

Can’t wait! πŸ™‚

Looks fantastic πŸ™‚ But perhaps you remove the cartridge in the “game”-background, so you can read the text better.

The backgrounds will be darker “in reality”, it’s just the JPEG compression that makes the text hard to read…

I’d be interested in what you want for the Usercenter, which will be a central element of the site. My Ideas right now are:
* My Profile
* My Collection
* My Highscores
* My Sales/Trades
* My Submissions
* Private Messages
* Avatar
for every user. Plus the ability to submit and comment news.

Instead of that bulky GAMES/FORUM text, you should make a font based on the VB logo text, and use that instead. (I’m assuming that the text is an image, since its transparent.)

And you should keep the top-right navigation menu as well.

…And, maybe you could keep the spinning globe, just shrink it and move it to the right hand side.

….Or, if you keep the navigation, you could leave the languages where they are, and leave the globe where it is.

…How long have you had that globe anyway? Maybe you could even replace it with an animated VB, maybe a spinning 3D one, or even that VB mascot from the Jap manuals looking around or something.

…That’s all I can think of (for now… πŸ˜‰

Just found something gimmicky you could add to the new forums.

I noticed you have sections for Yahoo, AIM, ICQ and MSN in the profiles, along with a couple of status icons.
If you go to http://www.onlinestatus.org/, you can add status icons for all of these, as well as IRC.
…Using custom icons! πŸ™‚

Hey KR155E, I have another suggestion for PVB v3 (or even v2).

Since your site is in both German and English, how about adding a link from one page to the other? Sometimes people link to the German page when you want to read the English version, and vice versa.

Thanks lameboy! In v3 you will be able to switch between languages at any time and on any page, a language selection will be found on top of the page.
Unfortunately I haven’t been able to work on PVB3 in the past months since the change to Xoops 2.2 didn’t work as smoothly as I thought and due to uni work.

PVB3 is good and everything, but…

* For starters, the center tag is no longer supported
* Neither is the url tag apparently
* Probably a pile of tags I can’t be bothered trying
(Maybe you should run some DB queries and convert the old tags if you’re using something new)
* And finally, the menu headings (NEWS, SECTIONS, etc) are a bit hard to see on that background.

…Also, isn’t it about time you started doing (C)2000-2006 in the footer? Pretty soon you won’t be 640×480 friendly. πŸ˜›

Does anyone even still use such a low resolution? I don’t think so ^_^
But, yeah, you got good points there, it should only take a minute to fix those things once I am at home.
Oh and when programming the Usercenter module, I had a look at the http://www.onlinestatus.org/ thing you suggested, but it didn’t work for me. Did you have more luck maybe? Also it would be nice to run such a script on our owen server instead of being dependant on someone else.

Just found this in Edit Account.

‘Interessen’ should be ‘Interests’.

…And while you’re at it, add in [ center ] support. πŸ˜‰

we couldn’t handle your inquiry, please contact xoops development team for further information.


I already known the site before v3 but when I saw the changes, I registered right away ! What a great design, :thumpup:

The Forum is much better like this! Well done!

I have an idea for a seperate forum section. You could call it something along the lines of “How many?” or “Counting the details” This is something I’ve always thought should be done. In this forum, people can count little things in the background of games for the VB games and post the amount! you know stuff like, there are 24 bowling balls behind hester on the shelves. Or something like, there are 69 dots making the word cosmic at the begining of a round. It sounds silly but I think it would catch on! I’m not the only one who does this. I’ve seen this sort of thing on other forums. If you don’t think it’s gonna catch on, well don’t worry bout it. maybe you should make a poll to see if people want it.

By the way, what do you think of my avatar. Pretty slick eh? It started out as a drawing.

hm. i don’t really get the idea. sort of a quiz? won’t just a thread be enough? i personally don’t see the need for a seperate forum.

Yeah a thread is good enough. No it’s not a quiz. It’s just where people do that for the heck of it. You count little insignificant details, and post your findings. take example you wanted to count how many dots there are in the power bar in galactic pinball. You count them, and post the amount. Nobody tells you what to count. Just choose something by yourself that you think nobody else would do, and count it. And it could be even funner because you’ll have other people counting the same thing to see if they’re right or not. Yeah I guess a seperate forum is unnessasary. Just a thread.

feel free to open one. cool avatar btw. ^_^


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