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I might get my hands on Space Invaders Virtual Collection soon and since it is going to cost several hundrend dollars I want to dump it and spread it out on the web to everyone.

Can someone help me with this?


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As of yet noone has made a commercially available VB dumper.
Your best bet to dump any VB game is to get a hold of an EPROM programmer (such as those sold by Willem), and manually wire it up.
Since the VB cart has such a unique socket, the only way to do this is to unfortunately either pull apart a VB for the cart socket, or connect to the cart using either direct access to the ROM, or the points at which the cart connector meets the cart PCB (probably the best option).

This will probably mean soldering, so I wouldn’t advise it if you want to keep the cart for collectors value.
…But then again, it’ll be inside the cart where noone can see it. πŸ˜‰

You’ll need some basic info (at least) about soldering and electronics in general, as well as a small Nintendo bit to be able to open the cart.

Or you could make a programmable flash cart, make a program that reads the entire cart and sends the data over the link port, load that into memory, swap the cart with the SI cart and send it… oh yeah… you need a cable to connect from the VB to the PC… and a PC program to receive the data. But at least it’s relatively non-destructive πŸ™‚ .


the best solution is dont do it at all! πŸ˜‰

There used to be instructions for a Virtual Boy dumper on-line at


But its seems the site’s been down for awhile. You can see some of it at least if you look up the site at


If you’re not sure how to dump it yourself, I would suggest contacting an experienced dumper. Here’s a link to the Good Tools homepage, which includes a VB ROM identification/re-naming tool. If you manage to get a rare VB game, I’m sure Cowering can set you up with a dumper.


I, for one, would love for all the rare VB ROM’s to be available. Come to think of it, does anyone know if Space Pinball has been dumped now?

Project:VB is DogP’s site. :vbsmile:

And as I mentioned before, the only way to get a VB dumper is to either make one, or get someone to make it for you.

The ROM itself is a pretty standard 5V 16 data line ROM. The problem is making a connection to it.

…And if you mean Galactic Pinball, yes its been out for ages.

Well, the Project VB website is currently unavailable.


I don’t mean Galactic Pinball, I mean the prototype version of it called Space Pinball. This website has a special feature on it.


You never will get your hands on a Space Pinball dump.
I dont think there is any and will be any.

Yeah, my site is still down πŸ™ . If you need any info from the site, let me know though… I have it all on my HD, I can email it to you. I’m not sure how to change my email addy here though, so if you want to drop me an email, it’s at comcast.net instead of mchsi.


Space pinball is a longshot, but it does exist. I saw it for sale on ebay maybe 2 months ago. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s real.

Speaking of ebay, has anyone else noticed the decline in space invaders’ selling price? If it gets dumped, it will probably be worth $70. I think space squash is on the rise, too. I think it is destined to be worth something. Its soo fun.
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I saw Space Invaders sell for Β£175 on ebay so it’s definately going down in price. I managed to get space squash for $40 because some guy on ebay didn’t know what he was doing πŸ˜‰ Amazing game.

Yeah, Space Pinball definitely sold on eBay awhile back for about $1000. It’s real, but I doubt too many carts exist.

I hope Project VB comes back up; I remember it being a good site. I don’t think there’s anything specific I need from there, DogP, but I will keep you in mind if I ever want to do something crazy like building a VB dumper.

What exactly is ‘dumping’? Does that mean you make the game available to play online or something?

Pretty much.

Dumping means copying the data from a game or any other kind of cartridge to PC.
This usually means reading the ROM data from cartridges, and disc data from CD/DVDs.

and it means, it is baaaaad πŸ˜€

Not if the games of the system are on abandonware

if its so ahrd how did all the other virtual boy games get dumped?


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