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Well, some topics seem to get off ‘topic’ lately, and get into a discussion of repros and the process…what we are doing next ect.

I thought it might be a good idea to post stuff on this thread..organize it a bit.

Maybe make other threads that deal with cart shells or if we have a viable connector ect.

Now…where are we atm with reproductions

Well let’s see

I’m planning on sending out the free carts still. Need to get the labels..I’m going to send out 70 carts it looks like.

People that get a free cart can order the packaging at tusks website. The packaging has a small hold up on the hint-book. We’re not sure how much it will cost yet..depends on how many pages the instructions and hintbook has…Poster looks really sweet..morintari did the artwork for the poster and hintbook ect..

For people that want to buy one CIB…we will offer a few CIB (25?) (should the labels be the same?) Funny thing happened. After I released the rom..I stopped getting emails about copy-write stuff.

Blox will be released soonish..we’re going to do a small release at first (25) to make sure there is interest. Blox 2 isn’t going to be done yet..small issue with the save function.

Fastball: remastered still looks like it’s a go. Most of thunderstrucks changes that he has planned has been coded..But the job of coding 50 + levels might take a bit.

We’re going to do a small resupply of the boundhigh/space pinball carts in tusks store (25 of each). This will be the last resupply planned for a bit..so we can get other games done. So, if you haven’t gotten one..order them now (will be a few weeks til we get the new carts in)

After that..nothings been decided.

If we do an english version of gundam..prices will be higher. Richard has to make it have sram..so production costs on his side will be higher. I can prob get the batteries pretty cheap on my side..and install them in the USA.

Other ideas…english version of space squash (if it gets fully translated). I think this is a much better game (fun) to play then gundam. But, you really NEED the translation of gundam to play it..while space squash you can just pick up and play. So, not sure on which one I’d like done first…but I’d like both done.

Homebrews ? Should we split the more ‘commercial’ releases with homebrew releases ? I guess we’ll have to see how well blox does.



Soviet Union collection…maybe horvat can combine his roms into one ‘collection’..if he wants to..we can do a release with that…

Virtual Chris came out with a bunch of games..maybe a collection ? have to see the interest

Anyway..just wanted to update people on where we are at.

Also, 3 kinda small points I want to make..might seem small..but I want to get it out there before any potential problems happen…

1st. My thoughts might not be Tusk’s or Mindstorm’s…so if I posts my thoughts here..please don’t take it as their thoughts πŸ™‚ Just cuz I say something here..doesn’t make it ‘official’ stuff.

2nd. You can post want you want to see done..but even if we get 20 posts saying ‘we want gundam’..don’t be upset if squash or something else is done first. Maybe we can get to the point that we have a vote on which game comes out next…but we aren’t there yet. We might not have the chips for a certain game..or the manual might not be done ect.

3rd. If I talk about games about to come out..or plans for future games..doesn’t mean we’re doing pre-order’s πŸ™‚ It would be helpful to know how many people are wanting to buy a game..but I don’t think we’ll be taking money ahead of time yet. That first bound high thing was a bit of a mess. Tusk had the packaging..then all of a sudden we could do CIB’s..but people didn’t seem to understand the time it took to get the connectors send them off to mindstorm..get them back..put the carts together ect. If we do any type of pre-ordering thingy..I think Tusk will post on another thread or something.


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As a new homeowner, I REALLY appreciate spacing these releases out! πŸ˜‰

I don’t know, there’s something I always found appealing about SD Gundam… I first started collecting VB stuff in high school, right when I was in a big Gundam phase… so it’s always been a personal goal to get that game in my collection, in some fashion. (Quality of the actual game notwithstanding, heh.)

As for a reproduction logo – this could actually be cool, if it’s placed where the typical publisher logo would have gone, in the lower left corner of the front of the box.

Spacing them out is a good idea. I don’t want to go broke trying to keep up. So far Bound High is my favorite. I can already tell you Hyper Fighter will be by far my favorite if you can make it happen. I am so happy that you guys are keeping this system alive.

Thanks for all your hard work. From someone who treasures these new games as a part of my own collection, it is fun having a new release to look forward to every couple of months. It keeps me enjoying playing my Virtual Boy. I really can’t thank you enough.
Logo idea sounds kind of cool. Seems like a way of putting your own stamp on something you spent a lot of time and energy on making.
I appreciate the spacing of release dates because it allows me time to save up the money and also to build anticipation for the next release.
Keep up the good work. You keep making them, I’ll keep buying and playing them πŸ™‚

Oki, small update. Faceball: remastered should be out soonish. I’m guessing 2 weeks..but that’s a guess. Just wanted to let you know πŸ™‚

Space squash translated boards are done and arrived today. I’ll cart them off within the next few weeks and send them to Tusk. We’re about 3 months out on releasing these…still trying to keep the spacing of the releases.

We’ve got plenty of connectors still (my 288 baseballs arrived safely)..so everything still is going great πŸ™‚


Awesome to hear Bigmak! Can’t wait to play the new releases as they come in! Thanks to you, Tusk, and everyone else again for all of your amazing work!

Now that space squash has been released..we’re at 7. Extremely happy with the quality that we’ve released. Can you guys picture the time that we will release more games then nintendo ? Pretty amazing stuff. I’d also put our lineup of games vs theirs..I think we’d win.

So, at 7 games..what is your top 3 games ? what do you enjoy playing the most ? are you more collecting the games or playing ? What are we doing right..what are we doing wrong? Let’s chat πŸ™‚


Definitely some amazing stuff you guys have done. So far all I’ve got is Bound High, can’t wait for Faceball to arrive! Out of the two games..I dunno, both are great in different ways! I’d love to get Space Squash but Christmas has left me hurtin for money. So in January then!

I think there should be more time between releases, it’s not easy for some to spend 80 $ + 20$ (Shipping Europe) so often. I have bought all the releases until now except Space Quash, which i want but need time, the rythm of releases + christmas is hard for collectors.
Also some benefit for “loyal costumers” would be aprecciate it.

Yes,christmas is hard for collectors.
I bought Space Squash and Virtual Bowling Japan πŸ˜›
Now I’m broke πŸ™

Virtual Bowling?? No wonder you’re broke =P

Well, to help people out..we were starting to try to space our releases out 2 1/2 to 3 months apart. That would give us about 4 releases a year..is that to much still ? I think 4 is oki..prob right on the mark, but we’ll see.

We are putting some of the older stock back into the store starting the new year. Tusk had some boxes/manuals left over..and we’ve had plenty of requests..so this helps everyone out. So, if you did miss a few of the releases..they should come back in stock (not that many of each..maybe 10-20 ?? can’t remember the numbers).

I have an idea for the people that have been keeping up with all of the releases..but I want to keep it under my hat for now. A lot can change..but I was thinking about something around the 10th release to celebrate.

Right now..we are currently working on nothing..but that can change quickly.

Fishbone might happen next..maybe. Thunderstruck wanted to make the levels longer and some minor adjustments first (prob after the comp is over)

Blox 2 Still has a save function problem.

Virtual fishing Is being worked on. But, only in someones spare time. We all know how all of us is busy πŸ™‚ So, this one might take awhile.

Hyper fighter Big question mark here. It has to be completed first. Figure out how big a game it is…if needed..we might have to use a new board and more memory. Boxes/manuals must be designed. This is a real wild card here. Super impressive game so far. Can’t wait to release it (if we can).

Coding compo Who knows what this might bring ? πŸ™‚

Look’s like a lot of projects are being worked on. Feel pretty good about having enough to make games for another year or two at least πŸ™‚


Thanks Eric for the information.
Do you restock a few SD Gundam English Translation Set’s again?
I would like to bought it because I overslept the release complete. πŸ™


bigmak wrote:
Fishbone might happen next..maybe. Thunderstruck wanted to make the levels longer and some minor adjustments first (prob after the comp is over)

No idea what adjustments you are taking about. I might add an endless mode to put in more value.

Would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. πŸ™‚ I am PizzaGeorge, brand new member on this site. I found this site while trying to recall where I had found people working on restoring unreleased virtual boy games in the past. Most likely this is where I had seen it. Anyways, this forum convinced me to join and I plan on purchasing a flashboy when I can (as a student during the holidays, funds are somewhat low atm) I do have a question though. Are these reproduced games downloads for the flashboy? Or are they actual carts? I’ve seen things on this site that seem to indicate both, but I can’t seem to find where I would purchase either. As a collector, my main interest in the flashboy is in playing games unavailable otherwise, such as blox and the English gundam translation, however I try to buy the originals whenever possible. Could somebody explain to me in a little more detail how all this works? Thanks, and sorry for filling up the forum with this post. XD

from what i have seen, the games being reproduced are on flashboy boards. so what you are buying is a stripped down flashboy. it will allow you to play the game, prototype, hack, translation, homebrew, etc, on actual hardware, but you can not reflash it with a new rom.

all of the things being reproduced are available for download. you should be able to find stuff under the games tab. if you wanted to play bound high, for example, navigate to games > unreleased > bound high! > downloads. if you are interested in translations, it is just a matter of applying the patch to the rom.

if you purchase a flashboy, you can “flash” 1 rom at a time and enjoy it on actual hardware. everything released will work on the flashboy. roms will need to be padded from their smaller size into a 2mb file. there is a windows-based tool available to do this. the flashing application is also windows-based. after you purchase a flashboy we can better instruct you on what you need to do.

the reproductions are sold in limited quantities. you can purchase them here: http://uncletusk.com/catalog/17 once they sell out they often command a much higher price, so be sure to grab them when they are offered.

the flashboy can be purchased directly from its developer. i recommend you visit his homepage and send him an e-mail. he also frequents this forum so you could ask here as well. http://www.vectrex.biz/

welcome to the site. this is the #1 site for everything virtual boy.

Alright. Thank you so much for all the help! Happy to be here. πŸ™‚

thunderstruck wrote:

bigmak wrote:
Fishbone might happen next..maybe. Thunderstruck wanted to make the levels longer and some minor adjustments first (prob after the comp is over)

No idea what adjustments you are taking about. I might add an endless mode to put in more value.

Doh, I thought you said you wanted to add some stuff πŸ™‚

Cosmoliner wrote:
Thanks Eric for the information.
Do you restock a few SD Gundam English Translation Set’s again?
I would like to bought it because I overslept the release complete. πŸ™


That was the only one that we weren’t planning on restocking. The problems with ebay bothered us a bit.

How many people were unable to order this game before they sold out ?….I would really hate to deprive collectors or having a finished collection..but it’s hard when people sell this on ebay for 200 + each.


Hi I am new here… just wanted to introduce myself. I’ve been coming here for alittle while but never posted. I love what you guys are doing with the reproduction carts. I just ordered space squash and I plan on buying everything you guys put out. I hope you sell a few more gundams because id like to buy one too. Id never be able to afford the real one or the reproduction on ebay for $250. Anyways my name is zach and I’m glad to be here. Its awesome that so many are showing love for the vb.

PizzaGeorge wrote:
Would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. πŸ™‚ I am PizzaGeorge, brand new member on this site.

vb zach wrote:
Hi I am new here… just wanted to introduce myself.

He guys. Good to have you here. As far as the reproductions go I would suggest you to pick up Bound High, SpaceSquash and Faceball when you get a chance as those are fun games. Gundam went up in value pretty fast but it is actually not that great of a game.


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