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If you want to get me one and don’t know my address, just PayPal me the cash 😉

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For that price I’m better off buying on of the $200 visors available on eBay (which I was eventually planning to do) and spending the $600 left over on enhancing my VB collection.


I was actually just about to post a link to that site. I don’t know if the $200 ones on ebay are capable of delivering steroscopic 3D effects. Still, it looks like a neat toy that I would buy if I had the money. I’d be willing to bet that these will drop in price drastically in the next year or so. Remember the personal headsets similar to these that Sharper Image was selling a few years ago? They wanted about $1800 when those first came out. Now you can get something comparable for hundreds less.

On a side note; If cool toys like this keep being created, we may very well see something quite similar to the Virtual Boy in the future. The interest in 3D gaming is growing. It only needs to be more affordable. I have faith it will happen. It just might take a while.

Never lose hope.

Does this thing supposedly convert an existing image to a binocular type image? Or is this just a lame screen that wraps around your face?

Actually, it accepts an image pair (every 2nd frame, I think) and sends the images to the appropriate eyes. But, it’ll also show 2D images like a regular monitor.

If you have an Nvidia card, (almost?) any “3D” game becomes REALLY 3-D!

And, it has a head-tracker so you can look around w/out using a mouse/joystick.


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