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Firstly, I’d like to know if this game is actually worth buying? and secondly, is anyone willing to sell their copy? ^_^ I’d be willing to trade games as well. I have:
Jack Bros (boxed, mint, Jap version)
Panic Bomber (Jap version)
Wario Land (US)
Tetris (Jap)
Golf (Jap)
Virtual League Baseball ’95 (Jap)
Mario Tennis (unboxed)
Teleroboxer (US)
Vertical Force (Jap)
Mario Clash (US, unboxed)
Galactic Pinball (US, unboxed)

If anyone is interested, please email me at manicfoot4@ntlworld.com. thanks =)

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if you want to collect it, try to buy it, if you want to play it, dont buy it.
you will have no chance to trade it with your games above…sorry

No game is worth £500.

Heh… If you say so ^_^ I just wanted to know what you guys thought of it because theres no reviews for it on the site. The video of it looked kinda cool, but I think I’ll leave it for now =/

I have somewhat of a connection for certain VB stuff. I could probably get this game for $900-$1000 if I really wanted it. But, my source tells me that the game itself really sucks. He said it’s too easy. It’s almost impossible to lose. It would strictly be a collectors item. Why play if there is not challenge? I hope that helps.

Thanks Opeth. Thats really helped. I’d only spend that much money on a game if it was good =/ Heh.

Gundam does REALLY suck… I played it all the way through in a few hours straight… it’s VERY easy, and REALLY boring. The battle part is actually kinda fun, but there’s an option for “indirect” instead of battle, which allows only you to attack them, and they have no chance of hurting you. It does less damage than if you battle them, but since you lose no life, just wait for them to battle you (they never indirect you).


Heh, ok then. I won’t bother getting this pile of crap. I’ve not heard a good thing about it. I think I’ll wait for Mario VB/Doom VB if they evert start happening ^_^

Speaking of Doom VB: Anyone know if there was a port of Doom to the Wolf3D engine? Its more likely we’ll get a raycaster going than an actual 3D engine (unless you cound that <1FPS GBA one somebody ported...

I would like Gundam, (as a collector) but the only thing that looks cool about the game is the cover art. I wonder who is responsible for driving the cost of that game up so high.

I’m guessing collectors are responsible 😉 .


…Theres always the “demand outweighs quantity” argument. 😉


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