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I’ve finally found my Virtual Boy on ebay and was wondering if the selfmade games can be bought on Game Cartridges? Would be great to have some selfmade games to it.


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dude im starting a company

Wow really? whats the company’s name???


Well then if you are starting your own company you probably mean that you know how to make dev cart. I would like to get your opinion on a previously posted question by me.

Ive made dev cart in the past for NES and Gamegear… they work great so I wouldnt say im a complete newbie to this but im clueless when it comes to work with TWO EPROMS and HI LOW BYTES…

Can someone explain me and give me and schematics example of anything working with 2EPROM…

I would also need more information about Hi low bytes programming what is it exactly? does even and odd bytes are separated in two files or first half and second half of a file is splitted?

How big my eproms size needs to be if my rom is 1024kbs or 512kbs.

Thanks to anyone who will answer


XSF04: Go here: http://projectvb.vze.com/


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