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hey i was told the space squash rom is very hard to come by any ways i have dumped mine so if any one wants it just guve me an email fenderfreak22@hotmail.com

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o_O It’s hard to come by? I think that ROM was released at the same time as every other released ROM, and should be available on every ROM site that has any VB ROMs. How did you dump it though? Make an adapter to the cart edge, remove the chip and make an adapter to the chip, dump over the link port, or some other way (finding the download and claiming you dumped it :-P… j/k)?


hi i removed the rom chip and dumped it with my 42 pin dumper i bought off ebay

Wouldn’t it have been much easier and cheaper to just search Google for the rom instead of destroying an expensive Space Squash cartridge? o_O

na i thought it was a rare rom and besides i have 3 of them


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