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I am selling a Virtual Boy Prototype from the Nintendo Spaceworld 1994. Probably the only Prototype from this time outside Nintendo.
Please make serios offers, thanks.

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what’s the proto of?

pictures of it you can find on Planet Virtual Boy in the Section Prototypes/Shoshinkai 1994 Prototyp
the last Line of pictures shows my Prototype.

Is it complete with everything? good condition? I offer $600

it is in like new Condition with everything and it will come in a hardcase.

make $700 my first bid then 😉

i got a offer per email.
the bidder want to stay anonymous.
his bid was 900$

I guess I’m out then…

sorry dan 🙁

Can’t top 900 but if he backs down I’d be interseted.

Ok the VB is sold and will went out soon 😉

For how much did it sell? Was 900 bux the final offer?

no it was very much higher but i dont want to go in detail

WOW! Congratulations to the buyer! Unfortunately its not me… 🙁


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