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For those of you who collect everything, i have all swe mag(s) with vb info (too bad it’s not much tho) most of them just have some trash talk (and no pictures)

i found some of them intressted tho

1) 4 pages filled with vb info and 8 mini reviews (several screenshots too)
2) 1 full page with vb and 3 screenshots (the first vb pictures that we got here in sweden)
3) preview of what they call “Wario Land 2” 🙂
4) 1 screenshot of dragon hopper + a few words about it and bound high

thats 4 mags that i like anyway, but there is more if anyone is intressted.

All text is in Swedish
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Sorry this is a bit off topic, but could you please change your sig?
5MB is murder on dialup connections. Try losing the fade in/out.

here is a pic i took of them, the one at the top has 4 full pages with vb 🙂

does anyone use 56k modems thease days? o.O

does anyone use 56k modems thease days? o.O

Yes. -_-


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