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Can i switch the color on the screen on my Virtual boy from red to black and white?

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No, unfortunately. πŸ™
The VB uses a bunch of red LEDs to create the image, and these LEDS are too small to desolder and swap with other colours, unless you feel like going through a lot of trouble to do so… πŸ˜‰

Exactly how many is ‘a bunch’? I’ve always wondered. I have never opened one of my units. Perhaps I’ll destroy one this winter when work gets slow for me and tinker around with it.

Each display has an array of 224 tiny LEDs all integrated onto one silicon chip with a bunch of fancy driving logic. They were originally made for LED printers.

They only come in red (or perhaps infrared :shrug:) and are hard to come by, besides.

My plan is to use custom circuitry and fiberoptics to make a pair of green/blue/white/full-color/whatever VB displays.

They would be ready by 2022 if I started right now πŸ˜›

Isnt there any way to change pallette. I mean can’t I put something on the screen that makes it black and white or something like that?

You could try jamming things into your eyes until you can’t see colors anymore…

But seriously, no. It’s only putting out red light. You’d need a magic filter that makes green and blue light out of thin air.

Go read something about “additive color” and how the eye sees light.

P.S. Don’t jam things into your eyes. It was a joke. πŸ˜›


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