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Hi, I bought a japanese VB on ebay. It came with the connector for a A/C adapter. I have a universal adapter I want to use with it, but I dont know the right settings because everything is in japanese.

Does anybody know what polarity and Voltage to use? I think there should be a little icon on the US version of the VB or maybe even in the instructions. But im not sure about that.

The icon should look a bit like this (this is only an example)
EDIT: Actually, I just found out this is the correct setting. Check the post below.

Any help is appreciated.

And nice site btw. See you around.
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Nevermind, I just found the info on this excellent site

Btw, I updated the picture to show the right settings.

Thanks anyway.

I was also woundering about the ac, i just got my vb (even if i have collected the games for years now) but i’m not sure if it’s suppose to be 10V for us in sweden too… would like to know that before i blow it up ^^

Yeah, all the VB’s used 10 volts. I set my universal adaptar to 9 Volts which also works, my adaptor didnt have a 10 volt setting.

Just dont go beyong 10 volts, and you should be fine.

Thanks for the info supervlieg, i just found out about a new problem tho -.- I don’t have the AC Adapter Tap, i got the batterie pak there insted :/ and i guess you remove that to put in the AC Adapter Tap? so does anyone have one of those for sale? and on a side note, i do have a swe nes adapter, i could use that togheter with the AC Adapter Tap, right? 🙂

If you have a battery pak, you could get a 9-10V AC adaptor and wrap the wires around the +/- connectors the batteries normally attach to.

Its not the prettiest method, but at least you save on batteries. 😉

yes i have a battery pak, but i don’t wanna waste my nes ac doing that :/ They can’t be that expensiv, can they?

Probably not expensive, just getting harder to acquire.

Check your local electrical shop for a universal a/c adaptor.

They’re not that expensive, and u can use em for pretty much every portable console thats currently out.

just for future refrence aaa-d batteries are all 1.5 volts, so 6 batteries = 9 volts.

Unless they’re rechargable (NiCd or NiMH) in which case they’re nominally 1.2 volts each and six is 7.2 volts.

Unless they’re connected in series/parallel. Three cells wired in series is 4.5 (3.6) volts. Two (or more) of such groups connected in parallel also produces 4.5 (3.6) volts. Connecting them the other way, as three groups of two, produces 3 (2.4) volts.

Likewise, twelve cells can also form a 9 (or 7.2) volt battery if wired in two parallel groups of six series-wired cells.

N.B. An, e.g., AAA “battery” is actually a cell. A car battery really is a battery, as it is composed of multiple cells. When you put, e.g., six cells into a device (such as a VB) you form a battery.

This has been “Power cells, Batteries, and You” by Dr. Nerdington.

Why mess around with a universal adapter? The VB uses the exact same power brick as the SNES (and posibly the N64, I cant remember anymore). You should be able to get a MadCat SNES brick for $6-$12 and all you need to do is wire it into the existing batery pack with aligator clips or something. Or plug it in if yo have the power adapter.


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