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I was just wondering what people thought of this game? The concept seems really cool, and the fact its a second generation VB game makes it even more appealing.
I’ve never seen this game on ebay or anything. Is it really rare? Would anyone be willing to trade it?

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They aren’t too rare. The are cheaper and more common than Waterworld. Not to mention a lot more fun. Then again, putting a toothpick under the nail of your big toe and kicking the wall is more fun than playing Waterworld. 3-D Tetris is an ok game. I still find regular Tetris more entertaining.

Heh… I’ve yet to play waterworld. I might buy it just so I can have the novelty of owning the world’s worst game ^_^ I’ll keep my eye out for 3-D tetris. If anyone is willing to sell it to me, please email me at manicfoot4@ntlworld.com =)

Come on now… world’s worst game??? I think it’s gotten a really bad reputation from haters and people that haven’t played the game 😛 . I definately wouldn’t call it the best game, but IMO it’s actually an entertaining game to sit down and play for a game or two. It does get repetitive, so it’s not a game like Wario Land, where you’ll sit down and play it for 4 hours straight to beat it, but I think I’ve gone back and played Waterworld more than I have Wario Land, since once I beat Wario Land, there wasn’t really any more to go back to.


I wouldn’t say WW is the world’s worst, but it’s certainly not at the top of the VB list. I really didn’t enjoy it all that much. It really did bore the hell out of me. Unless you are a collector, I’d suggest staying away from it. Of course, you could always buy it and try it. If you loath it as much as others do, you can resell it.

It may not be the world’s worst game, but it has a pretty bad reputation on the net. I couldn’t find a review that said anything about the game that interested me.
Though, saying that Insomouse No Yakata has got bad reviews, but I still really want it heh. Slightly hypcritical? ^_^


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