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In this thread we all want to post cool, spectacular, noteworthy, jaw-dropping […] Virtual Boy auctions on ebay, Yahoo or any other site…

At first here are two auctions on Yahoo Japan (Always cooool stuff on there!) for the japanese Nintendo Store Display:




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@ Shizbah:

do you still have dev-carts and wanna sell one? if so please contact me at koteshi(at)gmail.com

Yeah, I remember those carts and chips being on Yahoo Japan (I bought one of the carts), but I also remember the guy selling them on ebay later for $5000 (I guess Shizbah) said he didn’t have any way to test/dump the chips, and wasn’t interested in doing it (which threw a big red flag to me). I never heard that anything was actually on them, and I think most people assumed that they were blank (there was a thread here on them). So was there anything on any of the other chips?

BTW, the chips have no bids, and I doubt that it’ll get any… and now the seller put a reserve on it??? *shrug*


V. Bowling final on all of them, some corrupted though, probably because the windows where not covered.

Some corrupted? Are you sure they’re not a “prototype” 😉 .


We should change the name of this thread to “The Noteworthy Argument Thread”.


Some did not work, Red Dragon just gave an error, plus when I opened them in a graphics editor, the graphics had several wrong pixels, so I assume those are corrupted.

It makes me want hurt people when I see something so rare in such poor condition. Especially when you consider that the seller doesn’t even know what the hell he has. He doesn’t even know for sure that the ‘Virtual Game Boy’ sign lights up! >:O I feel like buying it and giving it a proper burial.


This one looks to be in great condition, but is still missing the base plate. I assume people just threw them away when they took them from the store to make it easier to move since it is sort of heavy. It still seems a shame. I can’t believe this seller only has one photo in his auction. Hell, at least turn the damned sign on!


Seeing these auctions makes me feel all the more fortunate to have a 100% complete display stand in near mint condition. I’m curious to see what the second one sells for. Though, it doesn’t exactly stand out in the list of items due to a lack of a gallery photo. This one barely caught my eye.

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Are this real? If so, are they just sunglasses or do they somehow enhance the VB experience?

Somehow they seem unofficial.
I mean, if they weren’t, wouldn’t they be red? 😛

I’d consider buying them, but I’m not the kind of person who spends $75US on clothing, let alone sunglasses. 😉

Yeah, I have seen those up for auction several times in the past months. I don’t think any have actually sold. The starting price was either too high, of the reserve was too high. Even when the starting bid was lower, the reserve was never met. Personally, I wouldn’t waste more than $20 on them, and that includes shipping =P


This one looks like a good one, but the auctioning ends in a little under 2 days. Currently running for $20 US and includes two games.

If you calculate this one out, it’s a pretty good deal: Without shipping it would be $10 per game, and they really do have all US releases.


SD Gundam Dimension War and Virtual Bowling:


It’s funny, but the high bidder is “Bidder 1″…… Fraud maybe? Ah well…

Anyway, I was thinking about it, and I wonder if there are any copies of these games WITHOUT boxes. If someone owns one, and they threw the boxes away, they’re probably kicking themselves right now.

i can assure u that isnt fraud ,its the way ebay hide the owner from trying to get ther highest bids in so check before u accuse somebody of this
i am the owner of them titles and i can prove i have these in my possion if anybody wants any other info pm or bid through ebay as it is the safest way ,as peep seem to be put off with these games so this is 100 percent cosha
and too all staff here good site and keep up good work thanks for reading this

Careful, be VERY careful with the two current ebay auctions for Virtual Bowling and SD Gundam, I have good sense to believe they are rip-off’s. The auctions are these two:



Check a post I’ve set at this forum giving advice. If you don’t believe me, just bid, and if you’re the winner and find that the seller is a guy called “Michael Starkey”, and his e-mail is “sparkeyflex@ntlworld.com”, do NOT send him any money (unless you want to lose it, of course). I can send e-mails demonstrating that this guy ripped me off last year with those two games.

A bunch of rare games (that I wanted). It’s a pretty nice lot… NFB, 3-D Tetris, and a “Not for Resale” copy of Wario Land. I’ve already been outbid, so…..



There’s Space Invaders without box, listed under “virtualboy” instead of “Virtual Boy”. I believe it should end at good price, due to the lack of box and the name typo…

palacios25 wrote:

There’s Space Invaders without box, listed under “virtualboy” instead of “Virtual Boy”. I believe it should end at good price, due to the lack of box and the name typo…

If anyone’s wondering about the seller, I’ve bought a number of Wonderswan games from them and had them shipped via the cheapest method ($3.30 shipping fr. Japan!) and I’ve received them all promptly and in great shape. They use good, thick bubble envelopes for shipping, ime. Recommended seller… :thumpup:


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