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In this thread we all want to post cool, spectacular, noteworthy, jaw-dropping […] Virtual Boy auctions on ebay, Yahoo or any other site…

At first here are two auctions on Yahoo Japan (Always cooool stuff on there!) for the japanese Nintendo Store Display:




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Here we have a Virtual Fishing for $10, but the box is beat. Still a great price though.


This guy has a few good games and prices, perhaps he would combine shipping. If I had the money I would definatley get most of them

Thanx for the post :thumpup: I went out and picked it up right away. Great price

-Eric 😀

bigmak wrote:
Thanx for the post :thumpup: I went out and picked it up right away. Great price

-Eric 😀


I’ve been looking for this game too!


I saw Virtual Fishing, and the price at $10, and I basically stared at it for a while 😀 .

But the box was a little beat, and I don’t really have the money, so I thought I’d tell you guys. Sorry FeistyGirl 😛

I just put up a boxed soft case if anyone is intersted
Boxed Soft Case

Has anyone seen a battery pack? All I have is an AC adaptor… 🙁

FeistyGirl schrieb:
Another Space Invaders Auction!

And it looks like it is the same seller who I bought mine off of a few weeks ago…

Looks like someone really IS sitting on a box of Space Invaders… 😉
One of you BETTER get this… it rocks! :thumpup:

in Tokyo they sold them for Yen 23000, that’s around EUR 150, i really regret i didn’t buy one for reselling here… maybe next time… 🙁

Cheap vb with tennis and wario

Item 120258647429

Large display

Ebay item: 120261158810


bigmak schrieb:
Large display

Ebay item: 120261158810


WANNA HAVE! damn, we really need a drooling smiley.

I do believe those came with the Japanese VB

Yes, I think those leaflets came with the original Virtual Boy. When I bought Virtual Lab many years ago to Pinmagic, he sent me a colour copy of that sheet, which I have with my VBoy collection. Since it’s not original, I don’t show it off in my pics, but I have it and it’s the same 🙂

Ebay Item: 220237705718

Pretty interesting. If they are the same ones i’ve gotten from game auctions, they are a perfect fit. I went ahead and ordered some. But what in the world am I going to do with 200 of them ???


you can send me some ^_^

a little bit expensive, isn’t it?

NR20 wrote:
a little bit expensive, isn’t it?

Theres like 2 others on there for about the same price and without that many games. I may lower the price and re-list buuuuuut I don’t know.


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