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I love the power glove.It’s so bad. Sorry I couldn’t resist. Lol. It would have been interresting to see how the power glove could have changed perspective of gaming if it had been successful.

Nice! i want a New Power glove for my collection i just have not shelled out the money yet.

Well there is some good news that was just recently announced by the project creator
Hi Everyone,

We’ve been receiving a lot of messages from fans who are suggesting that the pledge amount for the DVD should be lowered in order to make it more widely accessible. When we set out to make this documentary, it was always our goal to stay in close touch with our fans and to try to accommodate their suggestions, so ask and you shall receive!

Today we’re introducing a limited-amount of DVD prize packages for a $30 pledge amount. For those of you who have already pledged a higher amount for the DVDs, we totally understand if you’d like to reduce your pledge amount for this limited-edition offer. No hard feelings.

And as always, please contact us if you ever have any questions or comments.

All the best,
The Power of Glove Team



The project has been FUNDED! There is still 21 hours left if you want to back the project as I only backed the digital copy of the movie and not the DVD since the DVD is a tad bit expensive and I don’t really buy DVD’s or Blu Ray’s these days.


Here is a cool little clip that is just slightly over 3 minutes long and it’s totally worth watching!

It’s a vimeo clip, so just click the link below to watch a very interesting clip from the upcoming documentary film about the power glove!

The film is almost being released soon, I don’t have the exact date but that information should be coming very soon.

Enjoy the cool exclusive clip from the film and happy holidays!

I just saw this a few days ago-

The channel looks pretty good.


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