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Sure, VB was all red and black and stuff, and the design of this site looks good, but it’s a pain in the…y’know…to read. One of the problems with VB was that it gave kids headaches, and the same aplies to this site, it seems. Great content, tough.

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Funny how half of the VB users can’t stand red…

He these colours are just perfect. I love it.

Gota love red. It’s the colour of love, blood, and the VB… 3 of the most important things in life. 🙂

Only 3 things wrong with the colors. The first two are caused by having one’s gamma adjusted properly. (Which also messes up the BG image, but I can live with that…)

1. The sickly pinkish color used for, e.g. the Subject line above each post. (Each occurance of #AF0A0A should be changed to #FF0000.)

2. Not enough contrast.

3. The idiot(s) who thought up CSS didn’t put color adjustment for all possible form controls. (I might have another go at fixing the checkboxes…)

Anyway, to reiterate what Fredde said: Great content!



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