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In need any good Tutorials to start coding for VB.

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Hmm… I started one a while ago… but I never got around to finishing it… I’ll try to work on that again sometime soon… http://www.vgchat.com/showthread.php?threadid=10264 is the start of it. I’d suggest that you try setting up the compiler and post your questions here or visit #virtualboy on efnet and ask… I’m sure we could help you…


I started one a while ago… but I never got around to finishing it…

That makes two of us…
…Except I started mine a LONG while ago…

… And that makes even three of us ~_~

Maybe we should team up and make the ultimate-supa-dupa-VB-programming.guide-for-dummies(R) together?


It’s not really a “tutorial” per se, but I’ve been updating David Tucker’s VB technical document. Some day I might release it…

I’d be glad to help out on the “supa-dupa” doc, though! 😉


Except I was working more on a C++ demo/tutorial rather than an actual guide…

Has anyone been working on updating the VB programming manual? The only one I can find seems to be fairly outdated, since it says little about sound or drawing directly to the screen.

Like I said, I have been, but I still don’t have anything in there about framebuffer or sound. :/

The person to ask about framebuffer access is DogP. Or, you can consult his source-code at his website: Project: VB (Direct Link)

frostgiant is the only one who’s done much sound R-E’ing. He sorta dropped off the radar last fall, and he’s pretty hard to get in touch with… He said he almost had a sound document complete, but no-one’s ever seen more than excerpts. 🙁

“For more information on these and other exciting VB dev’ing topics, stay tuned to the PlanetVB Forums!” 😉



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