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I DL’d a bunch of VB ROMs, found almost every released game (missing Virtual Lab and Virtual Bowling and SD Gundam Wars or whatever that’s called).

I did manage to get one game I hadn’t heard of: Virtual Pro Yakyuu ’95 (J) [!].vb What is this? Maybe just a baseball game?

Anywho, I was wondering if anyone had Dragon Hopper, Bound High, or Zero Racers … I know the games were completed and early copies were seen at tradeshows, does anyone own them? Or, are there ROMs on the internet? I would REALLY love to play Dragon Hopper or Bound High.

btw, there was a Nintendo Power issue where a contest winner won an early copy of Dragon Hopper — there’s a copy right there!

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The 4 rare ones (Virtual Lab, Space Invaders, SD Gundam and Virtual Bowling) are dumped but not publically available.
Virtual Pro Yakyuu ’95 is just the japanese version of Virtual League Baseball.
There are no roms of unreleased games on the net. And that contest winner… I think you are talking about a contest where someone could PLAYTEST Dragon Hopper and Bound High, but that guy was contacted by V-B.net and he said he actually played a SNES game o_O
Sorry to disappoint you πŸ˜‰


Here is an interesting LINK I found a while back. Look at the 3rd item down on the list. It seems that at one point someone was trying to to sell a copy of D-Hopper. I have no idea if this person actually had a copy, sold it/traded it, or still has it. I tried to contact the person to get more info on it. But, I never recieved a reply back.

You have to remember that just because a game was never released, it does not mean coppies don’t exist. Nintendo may still have coppies of a few games that were set up for demo. I’m sure that they would have just ended up in “storage” some place, never to see the light of day again. As with any company, there are always a few people within that have access to things that others do not. There is no doubt in my mind that someone out there has a copy. If you were that person, would you say anything? Probably not.

I would say something… look what happened with Earthbound Zero. I hope Dragon Hopper and Bound High someday get dumped. I also hope those “private” roms become publicly available. If I had a copy I would make it a priority to get it into the hands of others… witholding it because you want your copy to be worth more is not just plain cruel.

Yes, but the person or few people that might have them probably don’t know how to make copies of them. It’s not as easy as burning a copy of your favorite music cd. I’ll be the first to admit that I am totally clueless when it comes to making a copy of any cartridge style game. And, if it were me with a copy of D-Hopper or something, I damn sure wouldn’t trust “lending” it to someone I met online who knew how to make a copy. It’s all a pipe dream man. Many of us must come to grips with that simple, little fact. Who knows, some day it could happen. But it’s highly improbable.

Well, if no one has dumped Virtual Bowling then why is there a debug hack patch for it? The hack is mentioned under the emulation section under “patches.” Also, a link in there goes to a site that explains how to make a link cable πŸ™‚

I’d also like to mention that the website that demonstrates how to make a link cable also describes how to make a ROM dumper and how to dump the games. It also shows screenshots of the unreleased Faceball game!

Here’s the site: http://projectvb.vze.com/

Who said it wasn’t dumped?

KR155E: “The 4 rare ones (Virtual Lab, Space Invaders, SD Gundam and Virtual Bowling) are dumped but not publically available.”


Well, It looks to me like Dragon Hopper was released…


The person who owns the game can be bribed to lending it. I would gladly donate towards the cause of sending hundreds of dollars via paypal to someone to get a game dumped.

Either that, or give gas/food money to a rom dumper-type person to personally travel to a unreleased game owner’s house along with proper equipment to dump the game πŸ™‚

KR155E supposedly contacted a magazine that is known to have a copy of Faceball, but unfortunately the guy say there’s no way he’d let the game be dumped, no matter how much we can pay…


Hm… That Dragon Hopper sounds too good to be true… πŸ™

Just because they had a release date for D-Hopper, doesn’t exactly mean that it was in fact released. I would say more on the subject, but it would just be too redundant.


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