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Yesterday I stumbled over a Rom release from May called URA_Zelda_PAL60-N64-CZN. “WTF” I thought, “Could this be real?”. Well apparently, Crazy Nation ripped the game, known as Zelda Master Quest over here, from the Zelda Wind Waker Bonus Disc!

That has to mean that Nintendo made a N64 emulator for GameCube (a very good one obviously), and put it on the Bonus Disc together with Ocarina Of Time and Master Quest Roms.
So what they released is really the (translated version of the) unreleased 64DD game, w00t!! 😎

Let’s hope for more releases of that kind, for example USA and JAP versions of URA Zelda, or Panel De Pon 64, which is another unreleased N64 puzzle game released with the Nintendo Puzzle Collection! I don’t know that much about that game, besides that it was finished for the N64 but then changed into Pokemon Puzzle League to sell better, and it was like Yoshi’s Cookie with character models from Yoshi’s Island (SNES). I hope I didn’t tell you bullshit now πŸ˜‰

Don’t ask for the Rom please, but if you really want it, search Google for “URA Zelda CZN”.


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This news can be found on vg dev sites like Dextrose.

Its been confirmed that they used some sort of N64 emu on the GC.

…And I’m slowly working my way through the N64 ROM file, altering it to what it should have been – a N64 game.
I’ll change all the ‘L’ trigger references back to ‘Z’, change the button colours back, and if I’m lucky, add the N64 boot logo back in.

…At the rate I work expect it some time this decade. πŸ˜‰

There are several Emulators running on the Gamecube now…
We have NES, N64, and Genesis. You don’t actually think they would totally reprogram these games just to release them on the Cube now would you?


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