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For some time now, our group has been involved in the production of various items including toys, books, audio/video, and other merchandise. Most recently, in conjuction with several other groups, we took a daring step into the market of publishing video games, and have bought the rights to several titles, some of them previously unpublished. These including:

* Nascar Rally
* World Pro Yakyuu ’95
* Geschler’s Staff
* Dragon Hopper

The problem arises however with said older titles like World Pro Yakyuu ’95 and Dragon Hopper.

World Pro Yakyuu (a baseball game) was meant to be released for Super Famicom in the past, but that never happened. We recieved a partially working copy of the game from the original developers (some people who worked at Nexoft) but it isn’t enough. We were supposed to recieve the source code but that never happened, and it appears to have been lost.

Dragon Hopper (for Virtual Boy) looked like a great title, but aquiring all the essential material to produce a remake of the game has been difficult. The legal purchase for the copyrights was a bit complex, but we have worked closely with Intelligent Systems to fully aquire the game. We have invested the most to prepare for this game’s release, but there have been several shortcomings:

1. Could not retrieve source data from Intelligent Systems or Nintendo, perhaps it was lost.
2. We recieved a debug cartridge that seems to be about 47% complete but the game is not finished enough to use this as source material.

However, we were informed by a friend on these forums that someone may have more complete copies of both. Is that true? We’d like to be able to have both titles in hand before next year, as this would delay production and present financial difficulties with our current projects.

If you can help us, then we would appreciate that.

(P.S. – PM me if you have information to contribute or possess any of the following titles. Thank You.)

(P.S. – This message is mirrored at Digital Press & LostLevels. Our referrer from said sites also visits this forum.)

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It’s been said on here before that a complete copy of Dragon Hopper may be in the possession of some manic collecter, who is hoarding it and not sharing.

Ugh, are you serious? o_O
I have no more info about the game than the stuff on this site, but I’ll help how ever I can.
Good luck with the project!

about dragon hopper.
since this game was from nintendo/IS, the source IS NOT lost.
Nintendo has a big archiv for such things.
I belive thy dont want to give the source out.

BTW, there was a very similar thread recently, here: <http://www.vr32.de/forum/read.php?f=4&i=1008&t=1008>. Ehm, are you sure you’re not the same person? IPs are nearly identical…

Let’s assume for a sec that aqcuiring the rights for an unreleased Nintendo game is really that easy or even possible… Is there a chance to get any other unreleased games? Even if there are no plans for recreating and releasing them, we could collect money and buy them for the community. I have no idea how much you paid, though, any hint?

Tower of Infinity, much about your post is very strange…
you ask for roms etc but you gave us no proof for what you want to do.
You said that you have a 47% version of Dragon hopper.
You can Proof that with Screenshoots…
BTW: why should have IS only a 47% version when the game was almost done???

I have a copy of Draggon Hopper. It is complete. I also have the complete Goldeneye. I have also licked Paris Hiltons ******* and sometimes I fly around on my jetpack over rainbows.

Can I borrow your jetpack?


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