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Check this out, goes great with Reality Launcher 1.4 (and some rare ROM dumps for you ppl who have them but won’t get off your high-horse)


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I don’t understand your sour grapes over a few (from what I’ve heard) non-fun games, but your site is copyright-infringalicious πŸ˜‰ :thumbup:

Your products look quite interresting, and 17 “gold coins” per pad isn’t that bad, but I have a very limited budget and have to use the parallel port to connect my controllers. (Besides the fact that I don’t even have much time to play games…)

I wish you lots of success, though!

BTW, shouldn’t this be in the Marketplace section?

(Sorry for the double post, KR155E, but I can’t edit posts, again…)

is a NES and SNES Pad supported aswell?

I think this is the thing I saw this year at CGE… they had the VB one there, but it was only for show, they said that I need to mail the controller to them. I didn’t know that they had a kit that you could do it yourself or I woulda bought that πŸ˜‰ . I did try out the other controllers and they were pretty nice, definately worth the small price. I’ll probably order the kit one of these days.

Oh, and you’re right, I’ll be loving me some 1337 R@R3 R0MZ0RRZ!!!!!11 in the emulator playing w/ my new controller πŸ˜› .


I want to connect an infocus with my computer without using VGA cable, but using Blutooth adapter.
The interface are using VB.
Now, how i connect my USB port with VB?
thanks for your help!!!!
send me an email! πŸ™‚

Uh… Are you talking about VB – Virtual Boy, or VB – Visual BASIC?


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