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Hi, I’ve been looking for a way to store my vb carts for a while. Now I found a CD case on amazon that fits.
I ordered it in red, then I removed the half of the pockets, put a VB sticker on it, and it works great and looks good and it’s not expensive.

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Looks nice!
I am using a simple 3d printed cartridge holder:


I am not sure if these were already shared, but I really, really like the Virtual Boy game cases offered here:


They even have a homebrew section, which is handy for some of the more expensive CIB titles if you just want to play the cart etc.

These were originally developed as a Kickstarter, and they offered a full collection of the US / JP library as a bulk option.

I’ve asked the team there if they would add that again, it would be great to see a full library of these on the shelf with custom artwork.

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@ abart There are so many things possible with 3D printing, brilliant! In the past, you could only dream of that!

@ L-E-T Oh yes, these cases are amazing!


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