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I am thinking of the prospect of funding a small internet based company that funds the production of new vb carts from independent programmers if anybody is interested please email me Jpunker182@yahoo.com

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We thought about producing a small number of Blox Cartridges, maybe even with boxes and manuals. If you have the possibilities to massproduce carts, I am VERY interested πŸ˜€

please email me or bive me your aol instant messenger and we will talk

As I posted before, there may be some issues with patents.
Check it out first.

edit: if you are actually able to produce carts, a few of us may be interested. Problem is we need something to produce. πŸ˜‰

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i have the funds, but i am not a programmer i dont not understand the technicalities of cart constrcution. though i do have the funds i would be willing to pay a few people for cart construction and for the cost of the matirails. I would then start a web site and we would make to order the carts or if demand was enough put them into production. As far as patents and legallities go i would research the topis thoerlghly as of now i am looking to find games to transfer into carts i am also looking for someone to pay for cart construction. if anybodyis interested please email me or instant message me at jpunker182b on aol instant messenger.

we must keep vb Alive!!

Yeah, Nintendo has patented VB cartridges, have a look in our Patents section, there are several for the carts… But, why not make and sell them Hong Kong Pirate Underground Style? πŸ˜‰
It would be cool if you could visit our chat room so we can all talk about it.

hmm sounds good we shoudl first talk to nintendo see how much thoose patents are see if we cant work somthing out aim me on jpunker182b well figure somthing out

Hm, I don’t think Nintendo would sell the rights or allow us to officially produce cartridges :/
I don’t have AIM installed anymore, do you have ICQ?

forget about lets just pirate them. i doubt nintendo will take legal aaction

if you are able to product some VB carts I will buy some with a great pleasure πŸ˜€

set me up with a few carts, and i’ll, er, “take care” of any issues with Nintendo.

i have a big sword.

alright will do give me ur email and aol name and well talk


Btw, didn’t you get my e-mail jmo?

no i didnt please send it again i would really apprecatie it

great idea try to produce a vb game,but an advise, a vb offical patent to sell now a game would be too high or impossible, beacuse,maybe nintendo wouldnt like to relive the system. =/
i dont know the features of the another project to sell carts ,(www.superfighter.com) but i can said this, i know 2 online shops VERY interesting to sell games for the vb (his stocks always been down in days…)
Maybe speaking with a hong kong manufacturer….or something like this.
good luck!! i will buy them sure!!

I’m no patent expert but the Carts are NOT patented for Europe.
Only the system itself is patented everywhere.

A US patent does not cover Europe as they have to apply seperately. Even if they tried to patent it now I doub’t it would be accepted as I think it’s now common knowledge, so you can’t patent that unless you change it significantly. For example you couldn’t patent drinking beer as it’s classed as common knowledge – same thing if you have an invention and tell someone about it down the pub you cant patent it as its once again classed as common knowledge.

So technically if it’s done in europe or Hong kong etc then it’s pretty much ok.

If the design of the cart was different then it’s possible it would be ok anyway?

Anyone know how patents work for things like this, in my experience in the chemical industry they have a finite life span – I seem to recall its 10 years.


thank you everyone for responding i am going to be starting a website soon and seeking out programmers and people to assemble the carts if anyone is interestes please eamail me at jpunker182@yahoo.com or my aol name is jpunker182b


programmers instersested please email me

please nay programmers email me and i will pay you for your services and we can get this thing moving


You could also think about bringing out rewritable cartridges and a reader/writer unit. Would prabably be easy to make all the cartridges rewritable if you realy go into makeing them. I love your Idea so keep on going.

THX for all

alright ireally need people who know how to program


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