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I am thinking of the prospect of funding a small internet based company that funds the production of new vb carts from independent programmers if anybody is interested please email me Jpunker182@yahoo.com

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Hey people. How can you refuse this guys offer?

For my part I’ll help all the way I can. I’d asseble carts and do all the work that can be done without knowing lots about programming and electronics. Of corse I can do anything if I get it explained. Arrange Printing for Boxes and Instructions shouldent be a problem… But first some people please have to help jmo first, so this can get started.

Please guys. I mean imagine this gets realized. VB can enter a new generation.

jmo and others: If you have any questions or other things contact me on email: siffer_king@yahoo.com

For MSN its: siffer_king@hotmail.com(dont email to this adress as i’m not going to read it)


thanks for your enthusiam i will email you let hope this gains momentum

patents can be good for 20 years I beleive

I hope you make this thing work. I enjoy virtual boy alot.

Has there been any progress on this? This is a very exciting topic. Even if you could get some of the rare games coppied like Space Invaders, Gundam and V-Bowling so I could have a chance to play them, that would be awesome…. Imagine DOOM on Virtual boy… that’s shareware, so no need to worry about patents on that…

Well? Is this thing dead or what? Did you make the site?

yo guys i was just reading this and it sounds like a great idea you should do this.but is it dead if it is i am also willing to fund some prodution becuase i think this could at leats for us fans left it could keep the spirit of vb alive


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