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I’ve been working on a VB port of the NES classic Legend of Zelda for a while now. It’s about time I let a few others know about it.

Don’t expect this anytime soon, I’ll be working on it when I get the time to do so. Here’s a few pics. They’re a bit old. Since these were taken I’ve added items to the pause menu.

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nice lameboy. the origin zelda for the vb would be awesome.. but dont get in hectic. :vbsmile:

Yeah, way to go, lameboy. Keep up the good work (but don’t use all your free time on it πŸ˜‰

One thing: I was playing it on the bonus disc, and it seemed to only let me walk in one cardinal direction at a time. (I don’t know if this is in the game or this implementation, because I never got into it on the NES.) It was quite disorienting for me, since I’m used to LttP and the Oracle games which have diagonal walking. My suggestion: upgrade the walking algorithm, please! Maybe you could make it an option for “purists.” *shrug*


My suggestion: upgrade the walking algorithm, please! Maybe you could make it an option for “purists.” *shrug*

I hope to include little upgardes like that, and well as including a ‘classic’ option.

That’s pretty cool. But, really, guys…

…the VB isn’t a good console. It’s cool, but not good. The thing hurts your eyes, there’s no color (red tinting doesn’t count), you get neck cramps, the original games sucked (not VB Zelda, that sounds good), and Nintendo treated the thing like a bastard child. What was up with that? If they had cared to, say, add a headstrap and actually make some more games, then I would have loved it. But it isn’t portable, so there’s not much point using it in place of an SNES in most cases. It is nice to see that *you* all care about it, and are actually doing something. But I don’t have much incentive to dig it out and put in batteries just to play more nausea-inducing Mario Tennis.

a vb zelda game? that would kick ass! i loved the virtual boy.i wish they didn’t kill the system though.the vb had so much potential,and nintendo treated it like a reject.the vb is and always will be one of my favorite systems! i have so many ideas nintendo could of made into vb games,it uncanny!!! anyhoo,i know i must sound like a dork,but i just looooooooooooove the Nintendo Virtual Boy System!!!

how about this will you contact me i might be inerested in some of your ideas


I hope it’s ok to bump old threads here, and this one i’m really intressted in ^^ Howe far is this project atm? and howe long will it take before we will see a release (if ever) It would be soo sweet, zelda is one of my all time fav games πŸ™‚ and do you have anymore screenshots?

Sadly I’ve had little time to work on this.

I’ve done a bit of work since then, but nothing worth showing.

you should clone yourself lameboy and assign one clone to each of your peojects…hmm yes that should work.

But you will realease it one day, right? :/ It would be really nice to play it on vb.

btw will you realease any playable demo of it if the final version takes too long? πŸ˜›

I hope to finish this game eventually. It is one game I would have loved to see in 3D.

I was planning to release various demos along the way to get feedback about its progress.

I was going to release one of the basic overworld map & pause menu (pretty much what you see above) to get feedback of timing & display parallax, but I still need to fix it up a bit, and last I heard the timing made it fail on a real VB, so I have to wait until my cart is finished so I can continue the work.

good news then πŸ™‚ and i bet it would make more ppl intressted in vb too πŸ˜‰

I beg your pardon up there but the VB in my mind is a great console. It has so much depth and immersion. It doesnt hurt my eyes cause if it does to yours….you probably dont know how to mess with the dials on top of the VB buddy. They were going to make a headstrap before they canceled it and it is portable with a battery pack. Also they didnt make alot of games since it was canceled because of nobody buying the console cause of bad marketing and timeing by Nintendo. So before you start flaming, learn your stuff…

Wow…Idid’nt know this site exsisted anymore…

Nice LAMEBOY a VB zelda would be great


I believe there’s a new effort on Zelda for VB. Someone playing around in the background. I cannot find the info though. They’re on Discord.

I’m the one who has been playing around with trying to get a Zelda game going. I still have a lot of work to do on the game engine, but I do have a demo done to test art assets etc. The much larger playing field will be an interesting challenge compared to the classic Gameboy games. I’m attaching a video of the demo.

This project is awesome! I’ll be following it.

Nice! Link indeed looks a bit lost on all that screen space. I guess ALTTP style graphics would be a better fit: https://www.spriters-resource.com/fullview/58952/

Should you indeed go with these, I would propose using a separate sprite for the head and applying some parallax displacement to it, for a similar stereo character effect as in Jack Bros.


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