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Hi there, new here. Just got my Virtual Boy for Christmas!

I like some of the projects in the workshop of this website and was wondering if anyone had any other project ideas to offer. I’d like to really get into the Virtual Boy “scene.”

On a somewhat similar note, I don’t have the battery pack, but instead have the AC Adaptor Tap. However, I might like to take my VB with me on the road sometimes. Rather than getting a battery pack and spending a buttload on AA’s, could I substitute a different kind of battery, like say a 9-volt battery? *edit* Hmm, I guess Amperage counts as much as voltage does. Oops.

Just curious.
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The virtual boy doesn’t consume as much batteries as you might think. I play mine pretty much every day and I only change the batteries once a month which is better than say, the game gear; which can only last 6 hours tops 😉

Just make sure you get some decent brand name, high capacity batteries.
Using some $2 noname batteries won’t get you far.

…If in doubt, use rechargables. :vbsmile:

a 9-volt battery will still work on VB. I’ve Done it. the life seems slightly shorter than the AA’s though. I did’nt mount a battery box on my controller or anything. I just used alligator clips and some 9-volt plugs (both very inexpensive things from radioshack.) and clipped the stripped part of the wires to the metal contacts on the back of the controller. I don’t remember wich side of the contacts is negative or positive though. you should be able to use the process of elimination on that one, that’s how I did it and my VB is still fine, it did’nt short it out or anything like that. I had it running that way for a few months before I finally broke down and bought an ac adaptor on ebay witch makes the VB much more enjoyable. My way was pretty much a lazy hack because I was cheap and had nothing else to do, but yes it will work.

“My way was pretty much a lazy hack because I was cheap and had nothing else to do”

Heh heh, that’s basically my reason for asking. Thanks a bunch.


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