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Since Dan is very busy working on it, I’ll tell everyone about his 3D engine project.

He found a 3D engine for the GBA (and other mobile, low powered systems) called Yeti3D.

He has made considerable alterations to it, and there are many more to come. This Page is a sort of visual history of it’s development, in reverse chronological order.

Things still to do:
1. Make it 3-D (as opposed to merely 3D)*
2. Increase Speed
3. Add features (and replace features taken out during conversion, such as lights.)
4. etc.

*Note that I use the term 3-D to refer to a stereoscopic image or system thereof, and 3D to refer to a polygon-based image or system thereof which produces only one image e.g. “next-gen” consoles.

This could make for some very cool games, if certain issues can be worked out! Keep up the good work, Dan! 😉


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/me grins

Good work Dan!

wow, thats pretty amazing, i just found this site and wanted to get in on all the vb stuff, i have done just some enhancements to my vb to the outside. hopefully i can post a pic of it.

just visit our channel on irc, to get further informations about vb developement and stuff:

irc, efnet, #virtualboy , or use the script on the pvb startpage

Dan has re-enabled lighting and, along with the new screen-shots, he seems to cryptically allude to a speedup… Go check it out, now!!! (The link is in the first post of this thread.)

WOOT! Way to go Dan! 😀
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wicked. it’d be sw33t to see a quality FPS produced with this engine… Quake Lite, anyone?


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