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Does anyone know if the VB with AC adapter operates also with the german NES/SNES power supply? I got one from the US with an adapter but without the cables I think.
Would it work or will I destroy my VB with that?

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All you need is an adaptor that has a 6 to 13 volt DC output, negative tip, [Might have a picture like this on the back: (+)—(o—(-) ] and can supply at least 850mA of current. To my knowledge, every SNES adaptor in the world fits these requirements. The specifics of your adaptor should be on printed on the back.

Hope that helps,

I’ve just read the specifics on my adapter. There is written, that it has a 9-9.4V 1.3A output. The whole text is:

PRI 220-230V 50Hz 17W
SEC 9-9.4V 1.3A

That doesn’t seem to be the values I need, right?

That should work fine. The voltage is within the 6-13V range and 1.3A is plenty, since the VB seems to draw less than 850mA (0.85A) which is what my U.S. SNES adaptor supplies.

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I’ve just received my VB from Canada! Finally!
But as I wanted to test it I hat to realize, that the plug from my german SNES adapter does not fit in the AC adapter tab attached to the controller! And I have got no battery pack! Damn!
Now I’ve started to look for a transformator (right?) to use the american SNES adapter with, which I’ve received as well!

You are looking for what is called step-down-converter. Ask at the electricians shop. It will cost you about 10 to 15 Euros, I’d say.
My VB runs on thtat too. The cheapest will do more then you need. You could also look at Conrad or ELV Versand to get one.

I didn’t know the power socket was different between the U.S. and European SNES/SFC. On my VB, I use the Performance brand 3rd party AC adaptor, so I don’t even have a tap.

I guess you’ll either have to use a voltage/plug convertor, like Ben suggests, or cut the cable off of the SNES adaptor and wire it up to a German “trafo” that can supply the 6 to 13 volts @ 850mA the VB needs.

The “Trafo Mod” page right here on PlanetVB describes a similar idea. Except, instead of opening the controller, you just need to replace the wire on the trafo with the one from the SNES one, making sure to match the polarity.

Good luck!

Thanks to both of you!
I’ve just looked for a step-down-converter. Is there anything that cannot be found on ebay? *g*
I hope it arrives soon! I’ve got a VB and five games standing in front of me and I can’t play them!!! grrr…

Hier nochmal auf Deutsch!
Danke soweit! Ich werde hoffentlich bald meinen Adapter zugesand bekommen! Hoffentlich, ich kanns kaum erwarten!
Ich hoffe der VB hält, was hier versprochen wird!

Sorry! Den muss ich noch dazu setzen! Is mein erster offizieller Beitrag!
Ich glaub ich komm nie mehr vom VB los! Hoffentlich kommt morgen mein Adapter!
Immer ROT!

I’ve received the converter today and I’ tested the VB immediately. It’s broken! It does not work! Damn! 🙁
The right screen stays black and the left one has many errors! Now I’ve got to look for another one! Or can anyone help me?

If you can take it apart, you might be able to fix it. It’s probably a problem with one of the (unnecessarilly flimsy and poorly attached) “ribbon” cables that attach to the displays.

I’ve never done it, but some people say to “fatten” the end with some tape and put it back in the socket. Although, since one entire display is bad, it may have been mishandled quite severely, so it could be a worse problem…

To take it apart, get a flat bladed screwdriver and cut a notch in it as described here:


And here.

Good luck!


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